The increasing frequency and popularity of the ‘meta-‘ prefix in language is substantially as a result of laptop age, by which so many types of communications are coded, or accompanied by hidden processes/date/etc. Juncture – in linguistics a juncture is the style by which two consecutive syllables or words are linked , so as to differentiate the sounds of the words and thereby enable the entire that means of the construction. A juncture between syllables and words effectively avoids every little thing merging right into a steady stream of meaningless sounds. The motion of juncture in words and phrases generally produces various meanings, which impact known as an oronym . Irony/ironic – in language irony refers to using words which intentionally comprise a that means or interpretation which is kind of completely different, or opposite, to the literal or apparent which means of the phrases or statements themselves.

In the _____ model, the fundamental logical construction is represented as an upside-down tree. From a database point of view, the gathering of data turns into significant only when it reflects properly defined _____. The ________ model uses the term connectivity to label the connection types. They permit the designer to develop business processes.

Characteristics that are necessary in working with data in the relational database model also apply to Big Data. The two most typical ways to write enterprise rules are _____ and _____. Business rules are often written in a language other than English, but in some circumstances they can be written in a more basic language corresponding to PHP. When you define a desk’s primary key, the DBMS automatically creates a ____ index on the first key column you declared.

As a communications idea, particularly in learning/teaching, the use of analogies is extraordinarily highly effective. The use of analogies can be beneficial for reminiscence and data retention. The words are from Greek ‘analogos’ – ana, ‘in accordance with’, and logos, ‘ratio’.

There are generally fewer declensions in English than in different languages such as French and German. Cockney rhyming slang – an old English slang ‘coded’ language, by which the replacement word/expression is produced via a two-word term, the second of which rhymes with the word to get replaced. Commonly only the first ideal image membership word of the alternative expression is used, for instance, the word ‘talk’ is replaced by ‘rabbit’, from ‘rabbit and pork’, which rhymes with ‘discuss’. Other examples of cockney rhyming slang may retain the full rhyming expression, for instance ‘gin’ is known as ‘mother’s damage’.