With the advancements in science and technology, our world has become digital and modern in all ways. Our education system is no exception to this. Leaving behind the conventional methods of teaching and learning, online education is reaching greater heights of success. 

With greater flexibility, convenience, comfort, and job opportunities, many educators are practicing their profession via online mode. The online course builder and educators are creating online courses and coachings for students of all age groups. Let us discuss the qualities of an effective online course teacher. All must possess and practice this for successful teaching and ensuring students’ success. 

Qualities of an online course teacher 

1. Effective communication skills 

One of the main qualities of an online course teacher is effective communication skills. To impart students a quality education, having good communication skills are important. This helps teachers to explain the lessons in the best way possible and ensure students’ social, academic, and professional growth. In online classes, since teachers and students cannot meet face to face, having good communication skills become more necessary. 

To make real-time interactions more meaningful, online creators must communicate well with all students. Along with some active speakers, there will also be some students in your class who stay conservative and reserved. Try to initiate conversations with them too. Keep asking questions in between and make students valued in the classroom. 

2. Patience and affection 

Not all students have the same level of grasping things. Some students are quite active in understanding and participating in the class. While some students are slow too. They take time to understand, make mistakes and learn gradually. If teachers will be over strict and scold students for making mistakes, the learner’s confidence level and interest both will be affected. 

They might not feel comfortable attending the classes too. Another quality that all online educators must possess is patience. If students make mistakes, guide them with patience. Also, students learn alone and face-to-face meetups are not possible, be as affectionate as possible. Yes, be strict whenever needed but generally treat students with patience. This will help students in academic growth and form strong interpersonal relations with teachers. 

3. Proper subject knowledge 

For effective online teaching, the teacher must have a proper knowledge of the subject they are hired to teach. It is one of the most important qualities to possess and practice. If the teacher lacks subject knowledge, it becomes difficult for them to teach properly. They are not able to answer students’ doubts and queries correctly. 

This affects teaching and learning both. To be an effective online course creator, have an in-depth knowledge of your teaching subject. Keep researching, reading, and exploring the content to have all the updated knowledge of your subject. This will help you to impart students a quality education, meet their curiosity, and make classes more interesting. 

4. Disciplined 

For effective teaching, having discipline in the classroom holds utmost importance. To make students disciplined, first teachers should possess and portray the same. A disciplined online course teacher creates a learning-specific class environment and ensures proper student growth and development in all aspects. Teachers must be regular and punctual in the classes. 

Teach from a suitable distraction-free 

place.  Other than this, be respectful towards students. Listen to their problems and guide them with the best solutions. Ensure the right behavioral and communication skills. When students see their teachers having these disciplinary measures, they will also do the same. This will make the online courses successful. 

5. Providing students with a proper academic understanding 

The main goal of every teacher should be to provide students with a quality academic understanding. An effective online course teacher must impart to students a clear and in-depth understanding of the academic subjects. Use audio-visual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, and more to teach. This will help you to create online courses successfully. With a proper academic understanding, students participate well in the class and crack the course exams with high scores and ranks. 


In the digital world, we are living in, online education is spreading at a faster rate among educators. For professional and financial growth, many educators create online courses and teach students via virtual classes. The above-mentioned information tells us the qualities of an effective online course teacher. To teach effectively online, all teachers must try to adopt these qualities.