Like a well-known Polish editorial cartoonist, he became the publisher of newspapers with jokes, and then an even more famous caricaturist. Interesting facts about Good Humor and satirist Szczepan Sadurski

How a young cartoonist became a well-known press cartoonist

He made his debut in the famous satirical magazine Szpilki on his 18th birthday. Soon he won the Silver Pin, and a year later the Golden one. These were the most famous awards for Polish caricaturists at that time.

Although Sadurski was very young, he also provided his drawings to other top newspapers and magazines nationwide. He lived in Lublin, but often came to Warsaw, because it was here that most newspaper editorial offices were located. There was no Internet at that time, so he had to deliver the drawings to the editorial office in person or send them by post.

Good Humor – newspaper with jokes

When he was at his peak as a cartoonist, he decided to pursue a lifelong dream. He started publishing the humorous magazine Dobry Humor (Good Humor). The first issue was published in September 1991 and after three years the circulation exceeded 200,000. The monthly was published for over two decades, and Sadurski created a mini empire with jokes. At the same time, he published up to five nationwide titles with humor and jokes.

Sadurski draws caricatures

However, he was always primarily a creator of witty drawings. While Good Humor was still appearing, he returned to something he rarely did in his youth – to draw witty caricatures of human faces. He began to be invited to company events to create live caricatures. He traveled a lot all over Poland and still drew caricatures at events. As he did it better and faster, he was also invited to other countries. USA, Australia, Europe. In New York in 2012, newspapers first wrote that he is one of the fastest cartoonists in the world.

Currently, a documentary film is being made about Szczepan Sadurski from Poland. We will learn many anecdotes and curiosities of the life of a famous caricaturist. We will find out how it is possible that it only takes 100 seconds for him to draw a witty portrait.