Generally, It is a fitness tracker for those people who do not need a smartwatch. It can track all your fitness details, such as caloric burn, step control, heart rate, activity duration, etc. it also supports 96 workouts.

If you charge it one time its battery lasts up to 2 weeks. It has limited smart features. the huawei band6 is available in the UK. you can also find this in China, Mexico, and European countries.

Specification of The Product


  • 18 g


  • 4325.410.99 mm

Watch Case

  • Dark Grey gold
  • Durable material


  • 1.47  inch AMOLED
  • 194 368 pixel

Watch Strap 

  • Graphite black silicon
  • Sakura pink
  • Amber sunrise
  • Forest green


  • Acleometr 
  • Gyroscope
  • Optical Heart

Charging port

  • Magnetic charging thumb line


  • Function and power buttons

waterproof Level

  • 5ATM water resistance

System Requirements

  • Android 6.0 and later
  • iOS 9.1 and later


  • 2.4 GHZ


  • Charging voltage 5V


  • Typically 14 days


  • SAR 229.00

Design and Display of Huawei band 6

If you look first it looks skinny but looks good. Its body is made of polymer texture and the bottom is matte plastic and there is a sensor in the bottom. The rubber straps are narrow but it is smooth in texture.

It is very light in weight. It makes it very comfortable to wear. You can wear it all day easily. It is water-resistant. Their display is vibrant and very responsive. Huawei chose a smart decision for Band 6.

Tracker and the Fitness of the Huawei 6 Band

The fitness tracker is versatile. There is a 90 + plus workout in this banned 6. As for walking, cycling, swimming, running, belly dancing, and others. It can track a wide range of activities. You just tap and start it.

When you are doing a workout it can track your real-time pf heartbeat. It gives you an accurate result. It has a solid fitness app that displays your workout data. It consists of a decent amount of information. The only problem is that when you pair it. It works slowly.

The Huawei banned 6 is not a smartwatch; it pushes you to some notifications on the screen. You can see the weather and play music.

Battery life

If you are talking about the battery, the Banned 6 battery is very strong. When you charge it will last a week and a half. According to its price range, it is too good. It takes an hour to zero to fully charge the battery.

What is Good 

  • It is comfortable 
  • The Huawei Banned 6 is a great value
  • It has a solid battery life
  • Lots of work mode in it
  • It has all-day SPO monitoring

What is Bad

  • It has limited smart features and apps
  • Heart rate sensor struggles  during the workout time

Final Remarks

The Baned 6 is an impressive and less costly tracker. It gives you a refreshed design. It has a great value Huawei band 6. Its battery life is so good. It lasts up to 10 days. There are lots of workout in it. The issue is that there are limited apps and smart features. Overall it is a good buy.