When you are starting a new company, there are many details you have to consider. Of course, this includes the name and what products and services you are going to offer. But you also have to consider the registered office address you are going to use. This is something that is necessary for every company.

Since all of this administration can be new to you, you may not know what to do if you are running your business from home. Can you use your home address as your registered office address? Let’s take a closer look.

Can You Use a Home Address for a Business Address?

Let’s get straight to the point and answer this question. Yes, for your registered office address, you can list your home address. Ultimately, you can use any type of address you wish to as long as it is in the same country as where you have registered your business. For instance, if you have registered your business in London, you must ensure that any address you use is found in England.

A lot of people assume they have to use their home address if they are running their business from home. Perhaps you wish to go down this route. But, know that this is not exactly true. Again, you can use any address. In fact, there are a number of reasons why it is not advisable to use your home address. Instead, you can be better off using a hassle-free virtual office. This way, you can enjoy having a business address in London that is professional and offers you and your family privacy.

Why You Might Not Want to Use Your Home Address

Many business owners will advise you that they do not like using their home addresses for business purposes. Let’s take a look at the reasons for this.

No Privacy

One of the main reasons why you might not want to use your home as a business address to down to privacy. Your company address is available online to the public. Anybody has the ability to find it. It will appear on Companies House and this can be viewed at any time, so people will know where your business is based. Indeed, they will be able to tell that it is a residential address. This can feel like you have no privacy.

Looks Unprofessional

Having your residential address as your business address can look unprofessional as a business. Customers will know that you operate from home and it can give the impression that you are a smaller brand than you really are. Many people want to work with big companies and simply, they do not operate from home. So, this is why it might be best to use a virtual office.

Mail Sent to Your Home

You have to remember that all official correspondence for your business will be sent to the address everyone can access. Indeed, this means that the mail will come to your home. This can be a lot if you are at home working, as well as for other members of the family. You can have mail services at your door a lot and there will be many parcels and letters you have to store at home.

Does Not Build Trust

If you are a new business, customers are going to be apprehensive about trying your products or services at first. So, they are going to do their research and make sure you are trustworthy. One thing they will look at is the address. If they see a residential address, this can put people off. They would rather see a brand have a professional address somewhere in the city and that is an office building. So, this is another reason not to use your residential address as your business address. Instead, you can operate using a virtual office.

Keeps Home Life Separate

Simply, a lot of people like to keep their work life and home life separate. If you are constantly dealing with business letters and parcels to your home, you can feel like you can never escape your work. This can have a negative effect on your mental health if you cannot get a break. Remember that you work hard enough during the week; you do not always have to be on ‘go mode’. So, this is why it can be best to leave your home address as simply your residence. You can feel relaxed and at-home there.