Modified version of The Best Food for your Character This list lists food items by their tiers, which will be useful for you in making the best food choice for your character. The table below shows the list of foods, with the right-most column being “Tier 1,” “Tier 2,” and so on. Food refers to any consumable items that, when eaten, restore hunger points and hunger saturation points, and sometimes cause status effects. Starvation damage kills the player in Hard and Hardcore modes.

But there is a lot more that goes into what the players choose to eat and how they use the food. I’d keep mushroom stew where it is, put beetroot in B, but put uhaul newport news rabbit in D tier because of difficult ingredients. As stated before, there is a wide variety of food that has been introduced into Minecraft over the years.

Shipwrecks and Pillager Outposts also have a decent chance of containing them. Once you’ve acquired your first potato, you’ll be fine for food for the rest of your play-through. Zombies, and their respective variants, have a 0.83% chance of dropping a potato. Requiring only seeds to breed as well, every player should have a bunch of chickens. Chickens are a hugely common, easily breed-able animal mob that provides meat, eggs, and feathers.

You don’t need to risk yourself being debuffed when you’re guaranteed a good amount of Saturation and Hunger points with zero drawbacks. You can also cook salmon from having a raw salmon with you, which you should obviously do. While in terms of statistical differences, you’re almost always like to spawn in a landmass than on a body of water, so there’s that. But, another way is killing them first, then taking them to your campfire and cooking them there. Whatever your methods of cooking are, just remember that cooked meat is better than raw meat.

It is a line or level of a structure, usually one of a series of lines placed one above the other and successively receding or decreasing in size. Cooking food in the cauldron is instant, but you must have an empty slot in your inventory for the finished dish to be placed in. Before jumping into this top 5 Minecraft foods ranked list, we are going to need to get a little bit of knowledge about how Hunger and Saturation work in Minecraft first. Check out this list to find out the best food in Minecraft. Yes the teleportation gimmick is sometimes a disadvantage, but the fast growth rate and minimal resource input is very attractive to me, compared to wheat, for example. But in survival servers with an End warp, they are very easy to obtain and farm in the overworld.

It is the reason why certain legends in the game perform significantly better than a few ones. Legends in Brawlhalla require mastering the combos, and it is why this tier list is built like our King of Fighters All Star and Dragon Ball FighterZ tier lists. The winning part in Brawlhalla becomes a piece of cake if you digest all the movesets and execute them like a reflex. Some legends demand patience from you as learning their moveset can be challenging, but it is worth it at the end of the road. It is why we curated the Brawlhalla tier list to bring into the spotlight all legends ranging from the best to the worst in the game. Also, while you are here, it’s very important, that you also get to read Brawlhalla Weapon Tier List, which is equally helpful when starting out with the game.