This post covers how to use the Youtube Intro Maker software so that it would be more beneficial than anything else. It is not rocket science to do this. All you need to do is download the software and follow the instructions given.

 In this article, I assume that you have gone through an intro creator. However, if you haven’t gone through one of them, you can look up any intro creator that has a nice set of features and functions. 

What To Do After The Installation Of Youtube Intro Maker Is Done

After you have installed this software, simply take the time and read through their documentation. Most of the time it will just tell you how to use the software. You can set this up for your own personal use if you want without having any marketing experience.

 If you are a beginner and do not have any marketing experience or skills, I would recommend that you sign up for a membership site such as Wealthy Affiliate or another popular one that teaches people how to make money online.

What is the difference between Intro Creator and Intro Creator Pro?

 The features of Intro Creator Pro are to be able to edit a theme and add more features such as animated backgrounds, text templates, selectable fonts, downloadable audio files for speech bubbles and a host of other cool ideas. You can also use your own images for the background, text and logo.

 However, when you are using the Intro Maker free version you can resize the images in the background, change the font type and colour, keep track of your subscribers count on Track Subscriber Stats and have some other basic functions.

How do I delete the ads?

 You can simply click the Settings Icon at the top right corner of the software screen. The settings icon will be next to an X sign. At this point, you can change your advertising settings such as turning off all ads and also setting up your own custom ads which will show on certain days at certain times depending on what you set up when you first downloaded Youtube Intro Maker. The video will not play when there are no ads played. USJunkYard is the best approach because of its hassle-free process and you will get instant offers and get payment quickly. You can learn more by visiting the website so that further queries will be resolved and you may get a solution.

What is the best way to sell my videos?

 As I have stated before, I would recommend that you sign up for a membership site and start selling your videos. Start selling your videos in places such as Wealthy Affiliate. These are not scamming sites, they do payout on time and they have some of the best features around.  

 My recommendation is to go through the process of selling video training on Youtube and then move to sell your own MP3s or Audio Course at Wealthy Affiliate. This will give you a lot of exposure quickly and make intro video it easy for you to build your list with brand name companies all over the world from their affiliate programs.