The one in Grafton has been on/off listed for a very long time now. 5 speed tranny just rebuilt never installed. With the highly prized 3.59 final gear!’s top competitor is It’s got the fairly rare tan interior, very rare manual windows and low mileage. Unfortunately the amount of bubbling paint and rust on the engine bay stuff that isn’t even rusty on my 200k lil darkie skin color cars isn’t promising. Chris Wilson and his partner Jin Li now live on board the cruise ship he bought in 2008. “We have restored a small number of cabins aboard but have many, many to go and will … For Sale By Owner Multiple Listing Service …

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As I still have another 87 and 79 in storage that I want to get out and get restored. The 79 is carbed with a weber 34 DAT. Craigslist requires phone number authentication before publishing. You’ll also be asked for the $5 payment before the post goes live. You can pay using Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Paid listings last 30 days, and reposts are also $5.

Back when I was searching for my X approximately two years ago, this car was for sale and I was going to have a look but then found the one I ended-up purchasing instead… Putting the work into making a good listing for your car can really pay off. Finally, request the car’s vehicle identification number, or VIN, if it wasn’t provided in the listing. If the vehicle is still available and you have the seller’s phone number, call and talk to them. A few minutes on the phone will often be enough to either boost your confidence or persuade you to move on to the next vehicle. Your prescription for Retail Therapy in Whitefield starts here!