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How long will you be in the sun, will there be rain, just how active will you be? Baseball caps, enclosing the head, are better suited for slower paced activities that do not produce the levels of perspiration tennis does. Further, the band of the visor can be directly act as a sweatband, wicking away moisture and keeping sweat out of the eyes.

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To avoid eyestrain while keeping a sharp eye on the money. They thoroughly screen applicants before choosing and then training people who qualify. He said that the visor took away 85 to 90 percent of his vision and during the first season he kept bumping and tripping over things. It was hell to wear and he was so grateful to not have to wear them for the Next Generation movies. Casinos are especially required to maintain quality uniforms which project the employees’ and company’s competence and sophistication. The casino may be required to dress highly professional through formal black suits and ties.

Now, our eyes don’t tolerate bright lights the same way. Some people’s eyes are really sensitive to light and they quickly get uncomfortable in the casino. A simple way to remedy that is for them to put on sunglasses. The explosion of poker has brought and continues to bring a lot of new players to the game. Now, some people aren’t exactly new to poker but are new to the live version. So these new players aren’t comfortable playing with others, yet.

Those who are working in this field needs to protect their eyes because losing it can greatly affect their job. During the late 1800s up to the mid-1900s, the green-eyeshade was widely used by accountants to protect their eyes. These green visors or green eyeshades protected the eyes from strain and other effects caused by working under direct light. A direct light was affixed to the work desks to illuminate.

The one in front was full of flowers and the one in back had vegetables and other plants. Why I didn’t mention going to college still escapes me, but apparently I was focused on starting something. Tennis visor shields the face, particularly the eyes, from the sun, without the weight or poor ventilation of a cap. Perhaps the biggest benefit of sunglasses is the ability to hide in plain sight or avoid conversation. Players not looking to socialize at the table can use sunglasses to deter would-be Chatty Cathies from chewing their ears off.

Since then, the tradition carried on and sleeve garters have become part of the costume of card dealers in casinos. Also, wearing an armband also makes it difficult for poker dealers to cheat as they can’t easily hide cards up their sleeves. You would know that you need to sometimes stare at other players during a hand. Also, visors are useful if you aren’t exactly looking to socialize.