In a deal with prosecutors, he accepted a six-year prison sentence. A Florida street racer who took the lives of a 24-year-old mother and her daughter when he hit them at 100mph has been handed a 24-year prison sentence. Cameron Herrin is a young high school graduate who was found guilty of the 2018 tragic vehicular homicide incident which led to the death of a young mother and her child. Due to this heinous crime or reckless driving, he was sent to spend 24 years sentence however, he garnered the sympathy of a lot of people that caused lots of controversies recently. A US man behind bars for killing a mother and daughter during an illegal street race car crash in Florida has, bizarrely, gained a cult following online. He killed the two people while street racing with his friend down a boulevard in Tampa, Florida, with the Mustang hitting 100mph just before the crash.

Cameron is a young boy who caused a lot of pain to Jessica and her family due to his immaturity but has also realized his doings and apologized several times to the family. His mistake has cost him his life as well as his career and also caused a lot of trauma to his own parents. He is a simple teenager coming from a respected family and as many opine, deserves a chance of redemption. Cameron Herrin, sentenced to 24 years in prison in Tampa, Florida, in April for vehicular homicide, has been determined “too cute” to be locked up. When Herrin was 18-years-old, he hit the mother and daughter while driving a Mustang he’d been gifted for his high school graduation two days earlier.

By the end of July, there were more than 100,000 tweets about Herrin, possibly far more, with a new one coming every 30 seconds. The TikTok app, a wildly popular platform for short scl the landing videos set to music, said videos related to Herrin were viewed 1.7 billion times. After three years from the date of the accident, Cameron has finally been sentenced to Prison.

Cameron and his friends graduated two days before the incident happened. Cameron currently has 11.9k followers on his Instagram account and repeatedly posts about how sorry he is about the death of Jessica and Lillia, about petitions, and about his trial updates. His parents have launched a GoFundMe page to support him through the legal charges. On May 13, 2018, Cameron was racing two of his friends in Bayshore Boulevard.

Tampa’s Cameron Herrin began his 24-year sentence for vehicular homicide in April. By early July, an army of social media accounts from the other side of the world were releasing a digital deluge on anyone involved with his case. He crashed into victims while street racing in his Ford Mustang on a Tampa boulevard with a friend in May 2018.

This isn’t the first time people on social media have developed an obsession with a young person facing prison. In May 2020, teenagers made fan Instagram pages for Peter Manfredonia, a 23-year-old University of Connecticut student charged with murder. At Herrin’s sentencing in April, David Raubenolt spoke about the impact of his wife’s and daughter’s deaths and asked the judge to give Herrin the maximum sentence of 30 years. WFTS, an ABC affiliate in Tampa, reported that during his 45-minute testimony, he said, “This was a crash, not an accident. Please be aware of that.”