I propose that either the federal government or local/state officials in places most affected try to buy back PPE that was previously bought by community members. Hopefully as individuals see healthcare workers around them risking their lives, they will be willing to give some of their personal stock of equipment up for the betterment of those being affected by COVID 19. This could provide some stock of equipment that can serve as a temporary relief as more long-term solutions are proposed. Under Section 10 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, employers must provide their employees with the instruction and training necessary to ensure their safety and health.

We’re working with our peer companies and fellow industry leaders in the US to keep people safe and stop the spread of COVID-19. Through this collaboration, we’re working to elevate authoritative health information and provide resources for the most vulnerable populations. To see a hub of online resources and an overview of the work from Internet Association members, visit covid19.internetassociation.org. Some published studies suggested a handmade protective real environment xtreme fsx screen using ‘Transparent plastic file bag’ plus handmade cotton masks are proposing for low risk community dwelling people. Many university-based hospital systems also have animal research facilities, thereby improving the chances of rapid coordination and cooperation. Obviously SOPs would need to be developed to protect all workers and maintain viability of the ongoing animal studies, a number of which are also involved in Covid-19 research.

Any suggested medical treatments should be discussed with your doctor. If it isn’t included in sections of the website like About us, you could send the organisation an email or phone them up to find out the answers to your questions. Medical condition-focused support groups can increase your knowledge about your illness and help you learn to live more comfortably with it. They also allow you to connect with other people going through similar situations to you. If the site is funded by a company that only recommends its own products, take this into consideration. Check if it has a particular philosophical bias that influences its advice.

A lot of these details might be found in the website’s “About Us” section. MedlinePlus.gov is a website from the NIH’s National Library of Medicine that has dependable consumer information about more than 1,000 health-related topics. Use their online tutorial to learn how to evaluate health information online. As a rule, health websites sponsored by Federal Government agencies are good sources of information. You can reach all Federal websites by visiting Large professional organizations and well-known medical schools may also be good sources of health information. Individual susceptibility (e.g., some people may be more susceptible to developing cancer due to their genetic make-up).

This method would assure at least 140 hours of “isolation” of the masks and would be theoretically sterile of the SARS-CoV-19 virus. Tent arrangement could work for some thing like chlorine bleach (NOT EtO!). There would need to be some bioburden kill tests, to know the effectiveness, but I’m sure it would be better than the cloth masks some are proposing. FEMA has developed a national network of trained volunteers, Community Emergency Response Teams , who have received basic training in how to assist professional responders in emergencies . In my community, and I believe in most communities, CERT volunteers have one or more N95 masks in our “go-kits.” Additional N95 masks may be stored in caches around the community. The patient was placed in appropriate transmission-based precautions at the time of illness, however isolation was not reconsidered after the appropriate amount of time had gone by.

I am trying to get traction for this idea and am not sure who to contact. Outpatient cases are handled through telemedicine and triage. Risk factors related to current symptoms or past behaviors (Smoking/ Prior Disease) can elevate cases to hospital admission faster. Pulse-ox applications on a smart phone are one way patients can self-report need for elevation from home care to hospital admission. Recently we proposed a strategy to activate antiviral defense with a harmless avian virus (IBDV vaccine strain R903/78) to treat COVID-19 . This innovative superinfection therapeutic strategy could change COVID disease outcome and complement other therapeutic approaches and the development of prophylactic vaccines.

Wherever possible, risks should be eliminated through the selection and design of facilities, equipment and processes. If risks cannot be eliminated, they should be minimised by the use of physical controls and safe systems of work or, as a last resort, through the provision of PPE. Performance standards should be established and used for measuring achievement. Specific actions to promote a positive safety and health culture should be identified. There should be a shared common understanding of the organisation‘s vision, values and beliefs on health and safety. The visible and active leadership of senior managers fosters a positive safety and health culture.

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