For that 2000 season, Mitsubishi retained its Lancer Evo VI and Tommi Mäkinen began the defence of his fourth drivers’ championship with a second successive Rallye Monte-Carlo win. It’s not the first time a town has changed its moniker in the name of advertising., Ore., staked a claim to fame in 1999 before changing its name back to Halfway; and the former Hot Springs, N.M., became Truth or Consequences in 1950. We invite you to use our commenting platform to engage in insightful conversations about issues in our community.


In 2003, residents of Biggs, Calif., overwhelmingly rejected a California Milk Processor Board proposal to rename the city of 1,800 to Got Milk? In exchange for a milk museum and money for the local school. “Word of mouth is most powerful form of communication and marketing out there,” Hughes said via telephone from Santa, where he’s now leading the effort to get Santa, Idaho, renamed. “No one’s going to talk about the three-thousandth Web site that launched this week. What this does is give people a reason to talk.” Since 2013 we have had input from personal finance experts and content written as part of our unbiased reviews to help people make money online and tips on saving money. In this blog post we are going to discuss the curious case of the town called Clark in North Texas, that changed its name to DISH to get free TV in 2005.

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Across the nation, small communities are being courted by large corporations who say renaming a town provides a marketing buzz that can’t be bought in television ads. Though some worry about corporate America’s increasing influence in local government, most towns seem eager to accept. The town of Clark, Texas, has agreed to call itself DISH, Texas. In return, residents will get free satellite TV equipment and service for a decade. Though some worry about corporate America’s increasing influence in local government, many towns seem eager to accept. However, DISH is perfect for its 2-year price guarantees and the powerful Hopper 3 DVR, while DIRECTV has its strengths.