Below, we have outlined a few important Texas boating laws. Following these boating requirements can help keep you safe from a boat accident. Just like in a car accident lawsuit, if a boater acted negligently and you became injured as a result, you are entitled to damages.

But being prepared and knowing what to do if you are involved in an accident can save lives, reduce injuries and make the claims process simpler and easier. Personal injury statutes in California allow a plaintiff to receive compensation for their physical pain, mental anguish, and psychological trauma resulting from a defendant’s negligence. The amount you receive in pain and suffering compensation will generally reflect the severity of your injuries and their likelihood of imposing long-term medical complications. However, it’s important to remember that this policy will not cover you if someone borrows your boat, however.

Just like the name suggests, an umbrella policy will cover both you, your friends and extended family members who might borrow your boat. This policy will cover you if you happen to lend your boat out, providing temporary boat insurance coverage to individuals who may not be on your policy. It’s a critical policy to attach to your standard liability coverage—it fills in the gaps left and is not confined to just you, making it the most salient feature of the policy. Give, in writing, his or her name, address, and vessel identification to anyone injured and to the owner of any property damaged by the accident.

All boating operators should have the necessary equipment and contact information for the local Coast Guard detachment and wait for them to respond before leaving the area. Kalkomey denver county court virtual courtroom is the official provider of recreational safety education materials for all 50 states. We provide online boating and hunting and other recreational safety education.

Get the names and badge numbers of the officers on the scene and ask where you can get a copy of their accident report. Even if you do not initially believe that you were injured in the accident, it is still a good idea to see your doctor following a boating accident. Sometimes the shock of being involved in a boat wreck can mask symptoms of a serious injury. So, you and your loved ones should error on the side of caution and seek a medical opinion as soon as possible. Make sure you mention to the physician that you were involved in a boating accident, as they may want to run specific tests or perform certain procedures.

At Wallace Welch & Willingham, we provide both the highest level of customer service as well as affordable rates for charter boat insurance. You may wish to take photographs of the damage to the boat and the location where the accident occurred. Getting this evidence from the scene of the boating accident can be helpful if you later need to prove that the other boat operator was responsible for the accident. If anyone has fallen overboard, then you should assist the victim back onto the boat when possible. If the vessel has broken apart or is sinking, then climbing on floating debris and signaling for help is advised. You should have a life jacket on or accessible at all times to help you to stay afloat in the event of a boating accident.

But if he or she is zooming along in dense fog, without charts or a GPS, and runs into a jetty, that is negligence. Pull the vehicle to the side of the road, if possible. If the accident was triggered by road rage, take extra cautions when engaging with the other driver.

Ultimately, your boat accident claim could yield a significant amount of compensation for your damages. What is the first action required of a boat operator who witnesses a boating accident? Boat operators are subject to Texas boating while intoxicated laws.