This can be a great way to make some extra money if you live in an area with a busy tourist season. You can easily keep an eye on the property without being intrusive or getting in the way of your guest. It also allows you to rent your property to strangers without giving them direct access to the primary residence. Once you have approved the design and budget, it is time to build. – What about your house do you not like, or features do you not fully utilize?

A specialist would be able to reveal this some time during the validation stage of a project. The maximum height allowed for your property will depend on the neighboring buildings. For example, how tochoose the right building automation anywhere competitors teamand how to design the interior. Some tips suggest south-facing windows get a lot of sunlight but North-facing windows don’t. In a hot climate, creating a design with North facing windows may be a better option.

The rule of thumb for determining the size of a casita is it should be no larger than 1200 square feet or half the size of the original home, whichever is smaller. As mentioned, some designs are minimalistic and compact, while others can be quite spacious including a bedroom, a bathroom, a separate living room, and kitchen area. The flexibility of this space should be ideal accommodations for one person or a young couple.

The cost of a casita can be a substantial investment, and there may be features you want but find out mid-build that you cannot afford them. Before you ever begin, you should obtain a detailed estimate of the total costs of construction and make sure you have room in your budget for more than that figure. Some casitas consist of a studio layout with a small kitchen, while other casitas sometimes have a separate bedroom and living room. The cost often is determined not only by the size of the structure, but also its unique features. In addition, construction costs must consider things like an additional foundation and permitting on your property. I hope that this article helped you understand more about casitas.

But to give you an idea, we can look again to the tiny house. According to The Spruce, the average cost of a tiny home with a living area, dining area, and bathroom in 2017 was $59,884. You could even buy a ready-made tiny homefor permanent placement in your backyardfor $60,000—although its 154-square-foot size is truly tiny, even for a casita. Also note it has a loft bed, which may not be ideal depending on your plans for the casita.