You may find out a lot more by talking to settlers and also observing over a period of time as to how the whole phenomena take place. These are a bit generic and of course there other factors, such transportation infrastructures or cultural factors, however these are more dependent of the context of the case study. For instance, the initial modern sprawled areas were structured around railway stations.

Urban deforestation creates what has been called the “green-grey divide” between affluent neighbourhoods with sufficient tree coverage and less wealthy areas that go without. The term ‘smart growth’ has been particularly used in North America. The terms ‘compact city’ and ‘urban intensification’ are often used to describe similar concepts in Europe, and particularly in the UK, where it has influenced government policy and planning practice in recent years. Sprawl also reduces the chance that people will take the bicycle for their commute which would be better for their health. Bicycles are a common mode of transportation for those living in urban centers due to many factors.

“legitimate” building permits and “illegitimate” building permits. Therefore in the statistical analysis , all the building permits are considered as indicative of urban sprawl even though in some cases they may not be really located within the sprawling areas. Land use change modify climate and climate change results in land use change. A particular phenomena was the Real Estate Mafia that would grab a piece of state land and bring people from the village to settle temporarily. After a certain period of time, the city administration is being pressurized to legalize the locality and then the Mafia will evict the poor residents against petty financial rewards and develop the area commercially.

To sum up, Sulaymaniah city has been growing at a sporadic dimension. The authors suggest that the city requires urgent practical policies and strategic urban development plans that could control the unplanned urban growth. New tools are needed to monitor urban sprawl, measuring the landscape characteristics and their distribution, and the extent of urban sprawl. The role of the local government in urban settlements is important in planning to stimulate the desired sustainable future urban development than being a facilitator for providing public services.

Also, trees absorb a lot of heat and release it slowly, which moderates temperatures of urban heat islands. Unrestricted growth, unlimited use of autos, growth of expressways. Tong, L.; Shougeng, H.U. Characterizations of urban sprawl in major Chinese cities. Kleemann, J.; Inkoom, J.N.; Thiel, M.; Shankar, S.; Lautenbach, S.; Fürst, C. Peri-urban land use pattern and its relation the stress-strain diagram for a steel alloy having an original diameter of 0.5 in to land use planning in Ghana, West Africa. Sun, Y.; Zhao, S.; Qu, W. Quantifying spatiotemporal patterns of urban expansion in three capital cities in Northeast China over the past three decades using satellite data sets. In this study, systematically qualitative collected data were analyzed through extensive content analysis that was derived inductively in the study area.

If there is any wetland remaining in an urban area, or one that has been ‘created’, having a green buffer can buffer the wetland against excess soil, oil and grease and chemical pollution from surface runoff following rain. Stocking it with native fish also kickstarts the ecosystem processes of organic decomposition inside the wetland. The video attached explains why urban sprawl is not a good approach in America based on health, security and sustainable aspects. The positive aspect of urban sprawl is cheaper property value compared to CBD. If one chooses to live in a suburb, obviously you would have a “committed cost” which is a travelling cost. But if one chooses to buy property in the city, it will be also known as a property investment wherein the value of the property will appreciate overtime.