The development of the Korean and Chinese apparel industries is touched on in this chapter to explain why Beaucre’s entry into China in 1999 was an innovative move. Their internationalization strategies are analyzed and implications drawn from both academic and practical perspectives. Launched in February 2017, Ariake Project opened the largest warehouse the company owns in Ariake City in Japan, moving the head office there for merchandising, R&D, product development, and marketing teams to function together on one floor. This change helps the company to gather and share information on customer needs across the whole supply chain at the fastest speed, encouraged by the quicker decision-making process.

The underlying motivations and triggers leading to such a strategy are explored and illustrated through a number of case studies. Research and public policy implications of the ‘born-again’ global phenomenon are discussed. In their consistent search for growth opportunities, firms are increasingly recognising the benefits of becoming multinationals and expanding internationally.

For a better user experience, please use the latest version of Internet Explorer or switch to another browser. Enthusiastic, Ambivert creative graphic designer who currently pursuing into UI UX at and has learned design thinking to solve user’s problems. Before proceeding to the checkout stage, users who have not logged in or registered will be directed to the login or register page. To enhance efficiency, I make wireframes on papers with design alternatives. I empathize with users to know their motivation and pain points, so I can find solutions to help them reach their goals. The challenge is that it is difficult to find participants who have used Uniqlo’s application.

In fiscal year of 2010, Uniqlo had 808 stores in Japan and 136 stores internationally. Today, the total number of stores including Uniqlo and acquainted brands is approximately 2,449 worldwide with 23,982 full-time employees . While only one brand is internationalized, this case is paradoxical to what previous studies predicted. For instance, individuals should participate in activities __________ to improve cardiovascular fitness. Guercini and Runfola and Woo and Jin discovered that Italian fashion marketers and other Asian companies internationalized their brands only when they faced severe competition in the domestic markets. As the domestic market in Bangladesh is still young and not yet oversupplied, internationalization of national brands is unusual.

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