A narrow bandpass filter is a specific optical filter intended to separate a narrow district while dismissing any remaining frequencies of light. The ultra narrow bandpass filters include high transmission over the passband and profound impeding of any remaining areas. The limited bandpass filters are fabricated utilizing cutting-edge plasma testimony technology, and the subsequent slim film filters are both exact and staggeringly solid.

The alluxa.com produces ultra narrow bandpass filters. With the narrowest bandwidths and highest transmission in the industry, Alluxa’s thin-film, ultra-narrow bandpass filters will optimize the performance of laser based systems.

Narrow Bandpass Filter Specifications.

Since each narrow bandpass filter sends just a determined frequency goes, the vital details of these filters connect with the area and size of the pass band as well as the culmination of both dismissal and transmission. The middle frequency of a narrow bandpass filter, contracted CWL, is the midpoint of the pass band or sending district. This is likewise the area of pinnacle transmission. The full-width half-max (FWHM) of the bandpass filter gives the width of the pass band at half of the most extreme transmission. The FWHM of a narrow band pass filter will be under 6% of the focal frequency.

While some narrow passband filters highlight a level top, others have a crested pass band shape. The evenness of the communicating locale in rate focuses is given by the pass band wave of the filter, and a low pass band swell is identical to a level top limited band. Level top filters are particularly popular in LiDAR applications, where the filter should work without ghostly float because of temperature cycling. Hindering in the dismissal locale of a narrow band filter is portrayed by the optical thickness of the filter.

Applications of Ultra Narrow Bandpass Filter.

The ultra narrow bandpass filters are intended to meet the interesting prerequisites of modern imaging arrangements and trial and error. The hard covering and strength of these optics imply that the ultra narrowband optical filters are great for laser cleanup as well for laser line and laser excitation filters. They additionally have applications in stream cytometry, DNA sequencing, PCR diagnostics, fluorescence microscopy, LIDAR, and Raman spectroscopy. In cytometry and fluorescence in-situ hybridization, they can be vital to diminishing otherworldly cross-talk.

Ideal to Use as Laser Line.

With the narrowest data transfer capacities and most noteworthy transmission in the business, Alluxa’s slight film, and super narrow bandpass filters will improve the presentation of laser-based frameworks. Ultra-narrowband filters are great for use as laser line, laser cleanup, or laser excitation filters in applications, for example, fluorescence microscopy, stream cytometry, and DNA sequencing. They are likewise exceptionally impervious to laser harm, which guarantees that they will keep an elevated degree of execution for an extensive time.


Alluxa’s ultra-narrowband filters, for applications like laser cleanup, lidar, stargazing, and instrumentation, offer the narrowest and most square filter profiles in the UV, apparent, and NIR. The high transmission levels are ordinarily more noteworthy than 90% at the designated frequency. Dissimilar to narrowband filters made with other affidavit advancements, our ultra-narrowband filters offer wide and profound obstructing execution at levels to and past OD6 without forfeiting transmission execution.