One college coach compared him to Trace McSorley, a former three-time All-Big Ten selection at Penn State. The Terps have had a revolving door of quarterbacks in recent years, and Josh Jackson, Tyrrell Pigrome, Lance LeGendre and Tyler DeSue all took snaps under center this past season. But Tuli Tagovailoa wouldn’t be in the equation for years to come, if at all. However, Tagovailoa joined Maryland’s roster in the middle of May and the lack of team practices this summer, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, could play a role as he tries to learn a new offense. Maryland’s starting signal caller will all depend on whether the NCAA grants Tagovailoa immediate eligibility. Maryland’s offense in recent years has been much more run-heavy, especially with NFL talent in running backs Ty Johnson, Anthony McFarland Jr. and Javon Leake.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a particularly good debut as the Terrapins were on the losing end of a 43-3 loss to Northwestern. Taulia Tagovailoa was particularly bad, totally just 94 passing yards on 25 attempts with three interceptions. Tuli played the bass with some relatives in a local band named T.F.L.T., the acronym recognizing each member. They played at a luau for the first birthday party of Hernandez’s son Zack.

It also further personalized what had become Tagovailoa-Amosa’s way of talking to the man he wished could be there. Myron has, much like his father, always been reserved and quiet. Those postgame phone calls were more instructive than destructive, more conversational than confrontational. His mother worried about this low profile after her a client requires hemodialysis. which type of drug should be withheld before this procedure? husband died, fearful that the weight her son carried might overwhelm him. So he has sought, and even stumbled upon, therapeutic alternatives, which have offered peace during a time he would otherwise be lost. After finishing the season with a 3-9 record, Locksley will need to improve if he wants to be around when the 2024 class comes in.

I asked him about the matai title, and he said that his priority was his kids, his two sons and younger daughters. Only when he’s sure they are on the path to success will he consider it. Every night Seu gathered his growing family, first children and then grandchildren, making sure they prayed and sang spiritual songs. They talked about the Bible, and he told stories about their village back in American Samoa. He told them about the two brothers and their dream for this family.

At halftime of the 2018 national championship, Saban decided to put Tua into the game after Alabama was trailing. Tua orchestrated an impressive comeback, and after the game he credited his faith for keeping him calm under pressure. Josh Jackson, who was Maryland’s starting quarterback last season, was not impressive in throwing the ball, though he dealt with some injuries to himself and the offensive line. Lance LeGendre showed some glimpses of his potential but he remains more of a dual-threat quarterback, leaving Tagovailoa as the quarterback on the roster that best fits the needs of this year’s offense. Locksley departed for the head coaching job in College Park prior to Tagovailoa’s freshman year at Alabama. Tua Tagovailoa was recently selected with the fifth overall pick by the Miami Dolphins in April’s NFL Draft.

Tagovailoa possesses a strong arm and has the ability to throw accurately on the run, which is something Locksley has said he wants in a starting quarterback. He earned First Team All-State honors again as a senior with the Warriors finishing in second in their region. But they fell short in the state championship game, conceding to the most dominant team in Alabama. We’ve gone over wide receivers, tight ends and running backs so far, and now we are reviewing the Terps’ quarterbacks. Wes took a look at redshirt freshman Lance LeGendre yesterday, and today we’ll take a look at sophomore Taulia Tagovailoa.

He suffered a season-ending hip injury against Mississippi State on Nov. 16. The junior could be a first-round pick in the upcoming NFL draft, but the injury has complicated his decision on whether to leave Alabama early. Tuli Tagovailoa is currently an eighth grader , who will attend Thompson High School (Alabaster, Ala.) in the fall.