Tsunade is fully aware that Naruto did nothing wrong, but needs to follow through in order to draw out a conspiracy rooted in the Blood Prison. Once the conspiracy is exposed, Tsunade leads Konoha’s forces in rescuing Naruto from his wrongful imprisonment. The demon Mōryō raises an army of stone warriors in an attempt to take over the world. Tsunade sends most of Konoha’s forces to fight these warriors. She also sends a team consisting of Naruto, Sakura, Neji Hyūga, and Rock Lee to guard Shion, a priestess who can stop Mōryō.

Not all characters from Shippuden have been brought into Boruto yet in the anime or manga. Sage Mode is the absorbing of chakra from nature and using it in battle. custom intro maker Naruto, Jiraiya, Hashirama, and many other powerful shinobi can tap into Sage Mode. Therefore, it was disappointing to see Tsunade being excluded from it.

They do, however, insist on including one of Danzō Shimura’s underlings on this new Team 7, which Tsunade agrees to. Tsunade also assigns an Anbu, codenamed “Yamato”, to lead Team 7, partly so that he can keep an eye on Sai, but also because his wood release will help Naruto keep the Nine-Tails under control. In the anime, Tsunade learns that Rock Lee and Might Guy are being impersonated by Mondai and Potcha. Deciding to have fun with the two, Tsunade pretends to believe their disguises and has them do many arduous tasks for her. The workload horrifies the two and eventually drives them away from the village. In addition to her other skills, the anime shows Tsunade using some amount of space–time ninjutsu, fūinjutsu, and barrier ninjutsu.

The councillors are affronted by how she handles them and leave, but tell her to do what she wants. Tsunade heads to the roof of the Hokage Residence and summons Katsuyu, who she instructs to divide and attach to all of Konoha’s villagers so that Tsunade can heal them remotely. In the anime, Tsunade receives a dying Anbu’s report about one of Orochimaru’s bases.

Tsunade falls in love with Dan Katō because he dreams of a better future for Konoha. Despite not being the strongest ninja, he hopes to become Hokage and make a difference in the world. His hopefulness and bright smile gave Tsunade new faith in the shinobi and Konoha, even though his passing would soon ruin this.