To process ores in the Grind Stone, ores can be placed in the three top-left slots. Holding down the right-mouse button on the Wooden Crank will start the process. After all ores are processed, the Wooden Crank will cease to move and will break after repeated attempts to use it with nothing in the Quartz Grind Stone. Processed ores can be taken out from the bottom-right slots.

If you use other mods’ piping , you can get away without needing the import bus. You simply put the interface on the infuser side configured for red, the import bus on the side configured for blue, and the export bus on the side configured for purple. In the export bus, program it with the catalyst you need. Personally, I prefer to use compressed materials, because they give you a 10x materials gain- i,e,, one compressed diamond is worth 10 diamond dust in the metallurgic infuser.

If there is configuration for the pipe, configure the end connected to the infuser for extraction, and the end connected to the interface for insertion. If your pipe doesn’t have the ability to automatically pull, it SHOULD work just by setting the infuser to auto-eject. Why do you need to automate the grindstone? Personally when I am able to hop into SFM I’ve already got doubling from something else. Actually, these days I never even touch the grindstone, because all the packs I use have Metallurgy in them, which provides a machine that takes coal to double ores. 8 coal for 1 stack like the vanilla furnaces.

When you hit 9 devices, it’s obligatory to manage channels. The “final” piece of the Applied Energistics 2 puzzle required to go up the tech tree into hartwalker automation ME Networks as the Inscriber Presses. After growing some Fluix, please build a Vibration Chamber and a Charger, with some Crystal Growth Accelerator.

I find it’s just much simpler to make extra metallurgic infusers. If you get bronze through another mod besides Mekanism, only 4, one for each of the other “catalysts”- carbon, redstone, diamond, and obsidian. They aren’t particularly expensive to make (it’s generally the first or second Mekanism machine you make, after all), and it’s a one-time expense. The biggest expense is space, to be honest. Has anyone worked out a way to automate the Grindstone? My first thought was Thaumcraft Golems, but apparently they can’t actually interact with the crank to actually make it go.

All in all, using these makes atomic alloys an order of magnitude less expensive in diamond cost. I believe if you want to do it with just AE2, you have to use a subnetwork. The disadvantages to doing it this way are that you have to have more infusers, and it takes a lot more channels, as well as taking up more space. In a single infuser setup, such a job would take considerably longer, since you can only use the infuser for one step at a time. One other disadvantage to the single infuser setup is that using compressed materials makes less sense. Since the catalyst is always changing, you either have to make things in sets of 10, waste part of your compressed material, or just not use them.

But, if you locate a ME Drive next to it or a non-dense cable, you will have 8 channels only. According to the wiki page of Applied Energistics 2, ME stands for Matter Energy. It is similar to a mad scientist version of a Multi-block chest. Hence, it can solve your storage situation.

Keep in mind, the grindstone is not a fast way to double ores. It costs no power, sure, but it’s really slow in comparison to, say, the pulverizer. So early-game, yes, you can definitely automate it, however, I wouldn’t want to be in late-game with that kind of a setup.