Lenny probably has some really interesting memories from that time in his life. It seems that show business is something that runs in his family, since he and his mother are not the only ones who were involved in the entertainment industry. Roxie’s granddaughter, Zoë Kravitz, social media club fort worth is also involved in show business as well. Marla Gibbs might have found success and fame after taking on the role of the housekeeper that the Jeffersons hired, but it took her a long time to let go of the job she had before, which was a reservation agent at United Airlines.

Everett Collection / YouTube ScreenshotDamon Evans, the second Lionel, had no relation to Mike and is an accomplished singer and stage performer. However, his life was plagued by depression and drug-use, revealing in 2019 that he turned to drugs to deal with the frustration of being on the show – he wanted to pursue opera singing. It got to the point where he considered taking his own life in 1997. He managed to turn his life around though, quit drugs, and actually go back to school to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Bronx Community College. Today he’s 71 and hasn’t acted since 2000 in an episode ofThird Watch.

Their daughter Jenny later married George and Louise’s son, Lionel. The series had to shut down after its star, Stacy Keach, was imprisoned in England, charged with trying to smuggle cocaine into the country. CBS executives have said they will consider ordering new episodes of the series for midseason after meeting with Keach following his release in June.

In the episode “George and Jimmy” George’s big-mouthed attempts to invite US President Jimmy Carter to his home as a publicity stunt backfires with George almost being arrested by the US Secret Service. His mother, Olivia, better known on the series as Mother Jefferson, was supposedly a domestic, like wife Louise would be when they married, until they started up the dry-cleaning business around 1968. Hemsley continued to work steadily after the show’s cancellation, largely typecast in George Jefferson-like roles. He teamed with the sitcom’s original cast members when The Jeffersons moved to Broadway for a brief run. He later joined the cast of NBC’s Amen in 1986 as Deacon Ernest Frye, a church deacon.

Eventually this tactic worked, and the writers stopped using the offensive terms. Members of the Black Panther Party set up a meeting with Lear to discuss Good Times. They complained that shows featuring Black casts always portrayed Black people as poor, reinforcing some stereotypes even as they undermined others. The patriarch of the Evans family, they noted, had to work several jobs to support his large family, and they noted that Black characters in general were often depicted in cheap clothing and in other negative ways. As the Atlanta Black Star notes, the Panthers told Lear that there were successful Black people in the world whose stories could be compelling and funny.

Hemsley and most of the cast referred to Sanford as “The Queen,” because of her natural elegance, regal poise and aura of authority. It’s not to say that she was a diva; she was just a natural Queen Bee. The actress, in turn, calls Hemsley “Neck” due to his scrawny, all-neck, 135-pound frame. Instead of re-casting, Lear improvised and hired Mel Stewart as a temporary replacement.

In later years he was also a real estate investor and owned properties in California’s Inland Empire. Hemsley, who played as the father George, was only 11 years older than Mike Evans, who played Lionel . Also, Sanford and Hemsley were same-age husband and wife on the show, but in fact, were two decades apart in real life. There are lots of interracial couples in the entertainment world these days, but back when this show was on television, there were still a lot of people who were not used to the idea of interracial marriages. That is part of the reason why this series is as powerful and memorable as it is today.