Most customers want to use a brand that puts them first. Over 80% of consumers buy from the brands they trust with an excellent customer experience. Thus, if your business provides value and an unmatched user experience, you will have clients lining up to purchase your product or service. 

Knowing who your clients are and what they want is imperative. Research shows that more than 17% of startups fail because of poor product UX. That is why it is important to hire a competent agency to develop a professional SaaS website design that caters to the users’ needs. This will help you identify your values to offer an exceptional customer journey.

If you overlook the importance of understanding your clients, your business might fail to take off. Thus, ensure you follow your customers’ journey from the entry point of your web product until they make a concrete purchase. In this journey, users often need support if they encounter issues or need to know more about your product. 

This article offers insight into the best types of support you can offer customers at various stages of their journey. 

Customer Journey Stages 

The customer journey is the entire experience a customer goes through from the first interaction with a product until they complete the transaction. You need to understand the journey and ensure the sales funnel has seamless stages to offer an excellent experience. 

Let us explore the customer journey phases you need to know: 


This is the phase where a client starts knowing about your brand. These customers are called leads and find you through paid advertisements, online searches, or social media. Your primary goal in this stage is to encourage user engagement.


After clients become aware of your brand, they start showing interest in what you offer. If your brand has positive stories, the customer will proceed to the next phase in the sales funnel. The customer will research more about your company in this phase.


This is where the client is ready to buy your product after comparing the market options. However, the client will still read testimonials and reviews to support their purchasing decision. So, you need to offer valuable information to potential customers.


The client is now yours in this phase. The goal is to continue offering support to encourage brand loyalty. Appreciated customers always return for more services. Don’t leave them after they complete a purchase. 

The above stages are essential for optimizing your business. It would be best to focus on converting your potential leads into loyal customers. This strategy increases sales and builds trust with your customers. 

Let us explore the best forms of support you can offer your customers during their journey with your product. 

Educational Articles 

Most people research products or services that offer accurate solutions. The customers start searching for general information online on various platforms. Thus, you can stay on top of the competition by offering valuable educational material and tips for addressing certain issues relating to your product. 

This form of generic support is usually offered through blogs, informative articles, audio visuals, or e-books. Such content aims to offer solutions to common issues or educate potential clients. It is essential at the awareness stage, when the user first interacts with a particular brand. 

Homepage Copy

Once clients show interest in your brand, they will visit your website to check out the products or services you offer. So, having a good homepage is essential in the interest phase. The homepage should be clear and detailed enough to pass the right message about your brand. Your potential clients should get the information they want once they land at your site. 

Since it is a crucial contact point, ensure it leaves a positive first impression on the visitors. Make the homepage appealing without cluttering the space with unnecessary information.

Explainer Videos 

Another effective support aspect you can offer your customers is adding explainer videos. Once a visitor lands on your homepage, explainer videos can further elaborate on how your products work. You can include advantages and the impact of the product in meeting your needs. 

Explainer videos are fun and interactive, which provides an exceptional user experience. Ensure the content will help the customers get an accurate solution. Videos are more effective compared to text. 

Make the videos easily accessible and as informative as possible. However, don’t force your customers to watch the explainer video by setting it on auto-play. It might result in an unpleasant user experience.

Onscreen Live Chats

Many web products today have live chat support for efficient communication with customers. The customers can use it to inquire more about the product and get real-time answers. It is a tool that lets visitors know they are not alone in the user journey. 

With technological advancements, the rise of chatbots is now a trending UX design approach. The bots are powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to offer customers a seamless experience. Other times the system prompts the visitor with a set of survey questions to know their needs.

FAQ Page, About Page, and Product Information

Having a detailed page that lets customers know more about your product is imperative. Customers often visit the FAQ page to search for answers or the page that explains the brand and product. 

Therefore, ensure the visitors get the right information they are looking for. It will encourage them to proceed to the next phase, and they might become loyal customers. 

Onboarding Tours

Once the visitor decides to try your product, you must have a smooth onboarding process. Incorporating onboarding tours is a crucial aspect of enhancing the client journey. It will let the customer learn which section is meant for making payments or where they can access their balances.  

If customers encounter a positive process while interacting with your product, they will activate and return to purchase more products. 


Understanding the customer journey is essential in converting leads into sales. Thus, ensure you offer the best support to guide clients from the entry point to the last action. Remember, an exceptional user experience is a key to retaining loyal customers.