The products in this collection have a refreshing floral fruity scent. With notes of vanilla, Apple, peony, and sandalwood, it has quickly become a favorite. The top notes are pear blossom, persimmon, white iris, and water lily. The middle notes – coconut nectar, jasmine, and almond add more of a fruity smell to the top note. The base notes round this eclectic scent with some vanilla, sandalwood, and musk.

Do you think scents like vanilla should be limited to the kitchen? Also, consider scents that you react strongly to. To narrow down the before a support specialist installs a software application, he or she should ____. list of Bath & Body Works scents, pick out your dislikes. And while you rule out your dislikes, take note of your likes as well.

Pound cake can be dressed up with flavorful ingredients or decorations or presented in its simplest form. Either way, the flavor and texture truly speaks for itself especially when using ALDI ingredients. This fragrance mist is alluring, enchanting, and delicately floral. Night Blooming Jasmine fragrance mist would transport you to cool nights on a porch surrounded by the amazing smell of jasmine. You’re definitely going to need our concentrated room sprays. With two quick bursts, the room will be instantly refreshed.

Launched in 2019, this exotic and mysterious blend of dark berries, amber, and midnight jasmine is loved by most users. Plus, it is one of the best Bath & Body Works scents. You can do more than have a sweet tooth; you can smell like one. Cue in scents like strawberry Pound Cake – one of B&BW finest gourmand selections. Smell like strawberry, Apple, and other tropical fruit scents. Look, feel, and smell peachy with your favorite fruity with scents like Pretty as a Peach by BBW.

And if you want to retain a woodsy scent, Twilight Woods body scent is just perfect. Now, create a list of ‘Scents you like,’ put down the scents you thought of while making your dislike list. Essential notes in this fragrance are decidedly fruity and woody.

Every note level for this fragrance mist evokes a feeling of freshness and comfort in an intoxicating blend you can’t get enough of. You’ll also find the scent in other products, like a bath fizzyand shower gel. The philosophy of Bath & Body Works is to improve your well-being through simple everyday rituals of pampering self-care. This is why the brand has come up with a wide range of cosmetic products with unique scents. Bath & Body Works body care is designed in collaboration with top master perfumers. A new scent this Easter, the Sweet Carrot Cake single-wick candle is priced at $15.50 and has fragrance notes of frosting, carrot cake and cinnamon.