Most of the house is decked out in dark wood furniture and patterned area rugs. Classic black and white artwork hangs on the walls. This applies to the United States, Canada, the European Union and those countries with a copyright term of life of the author plus 70 years. Best-rates for the Galveston house starts from $229 per night with includes Laundry, Air Conditioner, Tv, Balcony/Terrace, Kitchen, Bedding/Linens, Internet, Child Friendly with all other facilities.

The reality is pretty obvious, that there is a massive team. We thought we would be filming three or four nalle automation systems days a week. We were used to being our own designers, our own general contractors, our own everything.

They are helping bring the shine back to Galveston, Texas by repairing and restoring the community’s historic homes with hopes of preserving the island’s history and architecture. Their life may seem a bit crazy, but to them, it’s perfectly normal. You know that Ashley and Michael Cordray of Galveston—he’s BOI, she’s originally from Spring—buy wrecked historic homes on the island, renovate them, and sell them through their real estate firm, Save 1900. Their eight-episode TV debut, Big Texas Fix, aired in April.

The home design experts walked down the aisle in 2014 and started their real estate company, Save1900, the following year. They landed the successful show on HGTV’s sister network DIY before it became Magnolia Network. Superhosts are experienced, highly rated hosts who are committed to providing great stays for guests. There are hopes that DIY’s sister network, HGTV, will pick up a new season of their show this fall. In the meantime, the Cordrays’ work continues.

Living room has Smart TV with Netflix subscription. Ashley & Michael’s Old Corner grocery store, which the owners transformed into Cordray Drug Store for their DIY show “Restoring Galveston.” Currently, the ice cream shop is closed. UPSTAIRS, this rental space is completely self-contained with its own entrance. Additionally, there is a desk setup in case you need to work while on vacation. The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you need to cook. The living room features a Smart TV equipped with a Netflix subscription.

Shortly after I posted this morning, I saw that mentioned in another topic around here. I wouldn’t pay a nickel to watch the Gaineses – but if DIY programming is abundant enough on Discovery+ I would consider paying a few bucks a month. Interesting – I was just this weekend looking into changing my mobile phone service to Verizon.

Ashley and Michael Cordray own a company that specializes in restoring homes in Galveston Island, Texas. They tackle properties on the brink of destruction in an attempt to preserve the area’s history and architectural styles. Good luck with the new drug store – I hope it’s a success.

If the original building had steps, then this bui8lding can have steps and not be ADA compliant because it is an official Texas Historic Landmark. I live near Annapolis, MD and there are blocks and blocks of homes and businesses that are in the Historic District, and any changes have to be approved by the governing board. There are lots of businesses in downtown Annapolis that are not ADA compliant, even if they were renovated after ADA laws came into being. use the latest printing technology to produce archival-quality textured cotton canvas prints that will give pleasure on your wall for a long time to come. Textured print gives to your painting reproduction a brushstroke/texture effect, which gives incredible look of a real oil canvas masterpiece. Ashley and Michael Cordray want to safeguard Galveston’s history.

It’s entirely possible for a business to get permits and certificates of occupancy from the city building department and yet to not meet the federal ADA regulations. Considering they had to get bu8ilding permits not only for the drug store but any renovation, I would think permits would not be issued that didn’t meet whatever standards are required. That stupid Magnolia channel replacing DIY is really pissing me off. The shiplap and cupcake emporium isn’t my kind of thing at all. This is a cool show – I love how Michael and Ashley work so productively together, with minimal drama, to take these crumbling, falling-down eyesores and restore them to vintage-style beauty . I don’t always like all of the design choices, but overall I think they do a magnificent job, and they really get their hands dirty making it happen.

The saying isn’t bad location, bad location, bed location. I’m sure being on the show means they need to buy more homes at once than they normally would, but the most recent flip in that “up and coming” neighborhood was probably not the best financial decision. It was right next to that shifty looking cement block building, and that’s only what they showed us. The baby made an appearance in last night’s new episode. She called her daddy while he was renovating.