He ended up in jail and had to take an anger management course, according to the Evening Standard. David Soul burst onto television screens as Detective Ken Hutchinson in Starsky and Hutch, arguably the best-loved cop series of the 1970s. Memorable for chunky cardigans, flares and full-throttle car chases using a striped Ford Gran Torino, it brought a shaft of Californian sunshine to down-at-heel, strike-bound Britain, making homegrown police dramas look dull. In 1980, he declined the art that made him fall into alcoholism, and nevertheless, he continued appearing in television episodes and in film. His family moved in many cities during his youth life due to his father’s job.

After transferring schools multiple times, Soul then took inspiration from classmates who played instruments and took up a passion for music. This would give him his first big, iconic role until he arrived at Bay City in Starsky and Hutch. He was well known when he portrayed Detective Ken ‘Hutch’ on Starsky & Hutch he played this role from 1975 to 1979, he was directed three episodes.

‘Get a divorce, then become friends.’ Friendship was something he overlooked while in those relationships. He spent years trying to shake off the TV character that made him a household name. Now David Soul has slain his demons, lives in Highgate with his poodle and is playing a cardiologist in Holby City… STARSKY & HUTCH duo Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul looked a far cry from their days as detectives in the 1970s TV series as they were spotted attending Liverpool Comic Con over the weekend. The film, at moments graphic and challenging, is not always easy to watch, but in fact, it serves to embrace the collective heart and soul of our nation’s diversity. Though Soul admitted that he doesn’t have a lot of money on hand, according to him, he has enough to live on.

“Really. That’s why I put that mask on … I think I always fought against the image that was created of me. The mask was still there, even after I’d taken if off.” Soul made guest appearances on several television series while in the US including Casablanca, Casablanca, The Mansions of America and The Key to Rebecca. In 1968, he married Karen Carlson, an actress who he also met on set of “Here comes The Bride.” They had one child together but eventually divorced in 1977. June Johanne , a professor of History and political science, gave birth to David Soul on August 28, 1943 in Chicago, Illinois. His father, a Lutheran minister, was a professor of History, political science, and Director of Higher Education at the Lutheran Church in America.

When he first left Mexico, he made his debut in Minneapolis at The 10 O’clock club. You may be familiar with David Soul’s height and age, and you might even know his net worth for 2021. We have prepared this article to provide details about David Soul’s biography, Net Worth, career, personal life, net worth today, age, weight, height, and other facts.

Soul first came to the limelight when he starred as a covered man; he toured the Europe, US, SouthAmerica, and the Far East. Looking at Soul’s life he is a man that has come from far he has done many movies and television series that made him so popular. Well done to him for a job well done and amazing works that will be enjoyed by more generations to come. They were wild times, he recalls, of those days when he was at the top of both the TV ratings and the pop charts. ‘I was working 14 to 18 hour days on Starsky & Hutch, then on a Friday night I’d hop on a bus or a plane, do concerts on the weekend, then be back at work on Monday morning. An Illinois native of Norwegian extraction, the former David Solberg had ended up in Hollywood slightly by accident.

Although both could be goofballs, the duo of Starsky and Hutch, fortunately, included one relatively calm detective in the form of Ken Hutchinson. David Soul brought this Minnesota native to life, straight fiji fishermen shot from his less-than-reliable Ford Galaxie 500. While that car struggled on the best of days, Soul’s career moved forward with ease. The couple had one child, China Soul, who is a singer/songwriter.