The problem for Woodley, 39, who lost his final four MMA bouts to close out his UFC deal, was that he didn’t throw enough punches to make Paul pay. They come out aggressive and trade from close range. Vieira looks for a guillotine choke but can’t get it. Lopes then grabs a guillotine of his own. Vieira also escapes and they trade big punches.

Bruno tries a counter single and Franca nearly takes his back with an arm trapped. Bruno creates enough space to spin and face Franca but he’s taken down again; Franca deftly slides into back control with one hook in. Meanwhile, Montana Love and Ivan Baranchyk may have stolen the show on the undercard.

Chimaev moves forward with a nice punching combination. Burns lands a two-punch combo and Chimaev answers. Burns fires back and Chimaev slips to the canvas after missing a big punch but pops back up. Moments later Chimaev catches Burns cleanly with a jab that stuns Burns and he falls to the mat. Chimaev swarms with ground and pound, and Burns punches from his back before they get back to the feet.

Jung defends it well and breaks free of the clinch. The left jab from Volkanovski scores again as Jung tries to close the distance. After another exchange of punches, Volkanovski shoots in but this takedown is stuffed cleanly.

Feijao keeps throwing with power and finally lands a big right hook. He lands another punch shortly thereafter. Cummins has bad swelling on one eye and damage under the other as well, despite not having taken many individual shots. Cummins clinches by the cage and upon separation, Feijao hits air with a wild spinning back fist. 10-9 Cummins based on the takedowns, but Feijao did more damage.

A moment later, Volkanovski clinches with Jung and gets a takedown. Jung gets up quickly, but the champ sticks with the clinch. Jung presses forward with a punch but Volkanovski uscg bootcamp blog responds and clips him hard, sending him down for a brief moment. Once Jung gets up, he eats a leg kick that knocks him off balance before the round ends.

Maia returns to standard mount and keeps punching. Magny clings to him and gives up S-mount. Maia locks up the armbar but can’t break his grip before the bell. Tanks for joining us here tonight. We hope you enjoyed the fights. Borg showed immense potential in his first four UFC fights, as he used his grappling to suffocate opponents before locking in submissions.

They just keep punching to the end. Rousey is one of the sport’s biggest stars and sought to settle a personal grudge against the massive underdog in Correia’s home country. The co-feature matched a pair of Brazilian legends in Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. Cannetti gets outside position on the fence and lands some more knees to the body. The ref separates them and they return to the center. Both men fall short with kicks.