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Goku was crying because he saw that planet Vegeta was being destroyed. Broly was crying because He also saw into the future. He had for seen that A someone named Kakarot would kill him. Broly then set his goal to Kill Goku before he could kill him. Broly is directly controlled by his father through a headband device in the DBZ rendition.

Even as a baby, he had a power level of 10,000. But fighters don’t always rely solely on their own power. We’ve seen characters do this countless times throughout the series.

Paragus flies to Earth to convince Prince Vegeta that he has created a new home world for the Saiyans. However, everything is not quite what it seems. The team that accompanies Vegeta to this new home world begin noticing kerbal dev blog a mostly empty planet inhabited by enslaved aliens. Obviously, the Z fighters aren’t cool with this and bust up the captors. Unfortunately, the calm and powerful Broly is placed next to the wrathful Goku.

Goku was much weaker, but he still found a way to disturb and beat Broly, by cumulating the power of his friends with his own and striking back. So, this isn’t something I completely came up with on my own, but has been a topic I’ve discussed with other fans; I simply finalized/perfected the theory. This may sound silly at first, but hear me out. Once you hear the whole thing, it’ll not only make sense, but you’ll see the evidence for it. The real reason Broly hates Goku and so desperately wants to kill him is because Broly had a vision of Goku killing him. The correct answer to❝why does broly hate goku?