First duty station was back at Alameda aboard the USCGC Gresham. Back then all our large cutters were hand-me-down Navy ships. A week away from graduation, week seven is all about ensuring that recruits will be ready to enter the fleet and properly execute their jobs. Every week of boot camp has lead up to week seven when recruits will take their final exam and go through a final confidence course. Towards the end of the week, recruits will begin to turn in their gear and prep for graduation. Coast Guard boot camp is approximately eight weeks long.

No one will reprimand you for wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, but you might want to represent your recruit a little bit better than that. You are allowed to send letters to your recruit, but you cannot send care packages or anything similar. Don’t try to send large boxes full of snacks and creature comforts because they’ll be immediately confiscated as contraband.

Basic training lasts for 53 days, so prepare for a grueling schedule and training. It’s split into eight weeks of various levels of training and helps prepare Coast Guardsmen for the work this military service branch performs. From saving lives to helping in times of war, there’s much for brand-new recruits to learn. Before you hop into Coast Guard basic training, it might be a good idea to prepare yourself at home.

I served four years and met the girl’s Father while serving. He’s still active duty today, as a Company Commander at the TRACEN. I was on base this time as a photographer for a local magazine, which felt full circle in the strangest way. I joined the Coast Guard to become a Public Affairs Officer, but after being stationed on a boat I fell in love with navigation and living on the water. I became a Quartemaster instead and don’t regret the decision. Now you’re halfway through basic training and drill rehearsal is the primary focus this week.

The Coast Guard would not have it any other way. If a journal entry is not posted, it means one of two things, the company is in week one or two of training or the Web master did not receive a submission. Journals are posted to USCGBOOTCAMP by close of business every Tuesday. la fit ess The first journal for each company is posted in week three of training. Now you understand what you can and can’t bring with you and what happens during your eight-week boot camp. Knowing what to expect reduces the fear of the unknown and can help you lean into this training.