That’s why many buy in bulk and always have a few spare buds, just in case. A half ‘zip’ is one of the more ‘serious’ purchase quantities. If you have a little more cash to spare you may wish to buy a dub of bud. The word ‘dub’ is thought (no-one can be 100% sure) to stand for ‘double dime bag’. Average THC content in California varies between 15% and 30%, with more potent strains being created every year.

His most recent hit track, “50 Bag” has been doing well and has been getting a lot of love from weed smokers and music lovers alike. The official audio for the track surfaced approximately four months. During this time, fans have been requesting a music video to accompany the track. Here wayne county consortium is a list of some of the most commonly purchased weights of weed. This is perhaps the most important question that people face in managing weed quantities. An eighth is considered an ideal unit in part because it’s affordable, but also because you’re unlikely to smoke it all at once.

A cup of all-purpose flour weighs 4 1/4 ounces or 120 grams. This chart is a quick reference for volume, ounces, and grams equivalencies for common ingredients. This website is both infotainment and educational and does not represent any official government agencies or bodies in New Zealand.

They can be prepared in a wide range of ways including grilling, poaching, deep frying, shallow frying, baking and steaming. Simple pan-frying allows for a range of different flavours and textures to be utilised. does NOT sell, distribute, condone or handle cannabis or paraphernalia in any way shape or form. This website is purely educational and is designed to supplement information that may not be available through traditional sources in New Zealand. If you’re a newcomer to the world of marijuana, there’s a relatively high chance that you could get ripped off by unscrupulous dealers. Of course, there’s no formal industry watchdog to protect you in such an event, so the best way to minimise the risk is to keep yourself informed.

Modern-day versions of these sacks are often made from synthetic fabrics such as polypropylene. As always, your preferred method and rate of smoking makes a difference. For light smokers who bring out a one-hitter now and then, an eighth can easily last two weeks; habitual joint-smokers could burn through an eighth in just a couple of days. In states where marijuana is still illegal, dealer prices for an eighth can be somewhat unpredictable, depending on availability, risk and demand. Where the weed industry operates legally, things are more stable, though still variable. While we work as hard as possible to list prices and descriptions correctly, every now and then we may list something incorrectly.

However, in some USA states, medical marijuana patients can own 3-6 ounces of cannabis. In many dispensaries, an ounce is the largest amount of weed you are allowed to buy in one transaction. If you find a high quality strain which you simply love, and if you can afford it, an ounce of weed is a great stash which removes the anxiety of running out. You can expect a small bag, around the size of a modest bag of potato crisp snacks.

Olin O’Brien of 20 Etchingham Heights, Riverchapel, was driving a car without insurance or a licence, and upon carrying out a search of the car, Gardaí found a bag of cannabis valued at approximately €50. As noted, purchasing weed in bulk is a cost-effective choice, which leads many users to buy their marijuana by the ounce . For many people a fifty bag is the cheapest and only option available.

Gunny sacks are sometimes used as sandbags for erosion control, especially in emergencies. Up until the latter part of the twentieth century, when they became less common, the sacks were one of the primary tools for fighting grass fires in rural areas, used while soaked with water when available. Gunny sacks are also popular in the traditional children’s game of sack racing.