Before crashing, direct costs for an activity represent normal costs, which typically mean low-cost, efficient methods for completing the activity in a ________ amount of time. As a project is crashed and project duration is reduced, direct costs typically A. Without any formal acdc tour 2021 usa planning, the president of a software company remarks in a speech that new technologically advanced software will be available in one year. This may lead to a project that must be done faster than anticipated. This is an example of reducing project duration caused by A.

A major drawback of the static hashing is that the hash address space is fixed. Hence, it is difficult to expand or shrink the file dynamically. For each transaction Tiactive at the time of deadlock detection, create a node labeled Ti in the wait-for-graph. Is the primary key in the relation STUDENT and Roll No + Courseis the primary key of the relation GRADE – . Primary keys ensure that any prime attribute must not be NULL. – In referential integrity, it is ensured that a value that appears in one relation for a given set of attributes also appears for a certain set of attributes in another relation.

A good is inferior in a relative terms. It means, a good is inferior or normal is determined by the income level of a consumer. Generating many null values if many specific attributes exist in the subclasses. Items that have yet to be accessed by the transaction. However, in a system that uses the transaction paradigm.

Incentive contracts can make the reduction of project time rewarding-usually for both the project contractor and owner. Reducing the duration of an activity is called ________. Equations and also apply for curved surfaces. In other words, even if the rolling surface were curved, the velocity of contact point P would still be zero for no slipping, and equations and would still apply. Now, if the wheel were moving either right or left, but with no rotation, the wheel would skid along the surface. And as a result, the contact point P would also be moving either right or left.

When multiple users use the data base it is necessary to control access to sensitive data. Not all people may have access to the salary of employees in an organization. This is ensured by the DBMS. Define granularity, hierarchy of granularity of locks and multiple granularity locking. Describe the modified two phase locking with multiple granularity locking. Determine all 3NF violations.

For inferior goods, with a fall in income, the demand of the commodity rises and vice-versa. For normal commodity, with a fall in income, the demand of the commodity also falls and vice- versa. With a fall in income, demand for normal goods will rise. Law of demand explains quantitative relationship between price and quantity demanded. Explain the inverse relationship between the price of a commodity and its demand.

Assume transaction A holds a shared lock R. If transaction B also requests for a shared lock on R. The views are instantiated at the time they are referenced and not when they are defined. The views may be referenced in an SQL statement whenever tables are referenced. According to the levels of abstraction, the schema at the intermediate level is called conceptual schema. The same entity may belong to more than one level.