Described as the “Clark Gable of Cats”, the orange tabby’s charm was central to a clever marketing campaign that made 9Lives one of the United States’ best-selling cat food brands. Related to lamb, do you have any information about whether some protein sources are better for cats than others? I’ve ran across a lot of claims (of course fish and mercury, but I’ve also seen people claim that certain protein sources cause inflammatory problems) but I don’t know if they have any basis. I can’t imagine it’s good for my cat to only eat chicken, but if I’m avoiding seafood, and she doesn’t like Hound & Gatos , other protein sources can become expensive very quickly.

The ingredient list concludes with a variety of synthetic vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. 9Lives is owned by Big Heart Pet Brands, a subsidiary of the J.M. Other brands in the Big Heart Pet Brand family include Meow Mix, Natural Balance, Nature’s Recipe, and Milo’s Kitchen.

Morris’s popularity continued into the 1980s, with the Leo Burnett Company orchestrating a mock presidential campaign for Morris in 1988. If you want to get really nostalgic, cartoon a federally funded research study involving Felix the Cat was created way back in 1919 during the silent film era. First introduced in Feline Follies, a short film, Felix then became a star of the comics section in newspapers.

You might be wondering why indoor cats need a different type of food. The reason is that indoor-only cats can be prone to a range of diseases that are rarer in outdoor cats- such as obesity and urinary problems. This range from Purina Pro Plan is specially formulated to help your cats avoid some of these issues. It’s low-calorie and contains natural fiber from chicory root to help to prevent hairballs. It’s also rich in Omega-6 for skin and coat health – which may help reduce the need for grooming in cats. This indoor cat food is also high in protein to help your cat feel fuller and maintain a healthy weight.

On more than one occasion, Ted wound up staying in a scene longer than planned because he dozed off in Mike’s lap.” Take a look at what the cutest cat breeds look like as kittens. Beef and poultry by-products are both include right after water, which is necessary for processing. These are both high-quality options, though they do come after the low-quality meat by-products. They issued another recall in 2018 for two varieties of their wet food. 9 Lives is owned by Big Heart Pet Brands and is crafted alongside their other brands. Their formulas are crafted in these facilities, as well as a few international manufacturers.