Some are dreadfully long about a story that only results in your disappointment because you get nothing. You can get free pets, free adoptions of children, and our favorite MONEY. You can also purchase the tool box in the accessories section in the store. Place it somewhere in the house and drag and drop for them to fix. If the family characters are exhausted or tired, you need to let them rest.

The ALSO from above helps, and also tickling, stories, and movies help, but the same method as the parent can be used. Make sure the kid is doing something good, like playing quietly or reading a book, and not something like digging a hole to China and other bad stuff. It is essential that you always have food in your home to feed the members of your family. If you allow them to starve they will become ill which can lead to death. The best way to avoid this from happening is to ensure they are well fed before you log off from the game.

There are a number of ways other than sleep but my preference is this. Sometimes in the flea store or whatever, you find something called vitamins. They’re amazing and improve their mood immediately. Sometimes it may be what is the approximate chemical composition (by mass) with which all stars are born? quadruplets, quintuplets, triplets or maybe a single baby. You do not know how many babies or what gender you get. They are professionals hence its impossible to get unlimited in game currency without paying for them.

It is important that you do this because the game’s time will continue to pass even if you are offline. There are no cheats in Virtual Families 2 aside from the money cheat which involves changing the time on your iPhone device. My family had around 790 food in the fridge in the morning then I left them at home and accidentally left my device I play on at home I will be gone for 3 days. I have the certificate to collect bones.

DON’T USE PREVIOUS MONEY CHEATS!!!!!!! They have updated VF2 so they DON’T WORK! They just make your people sick and weak.

It might drop and then get much bigger once they level up. Just remember, mom will be pretty busy with baby for a little bit so she won’t have time to work on her career until that little one is a bit older. If they’re in the mood and ready to have children, they will attempt to make a baby.

Very rarely will my VF3 characters pick up socks or wrappers. Most of the time they won’t pick up the items in the yard either! What’s up with that how do you get them to pick stuff up consistently? I never had an issue when I was playing virtual family 2. Like its predecessor, Virtual Families, Virtual Families 2 is a game where the player can raise a family generation by generation. But instead of living in a nice neighborhood from the start, the little person moves into a partly damaged, unfinished home .