We will continue to operate our business with the safety of our team and your family as our number one priority. • We have partnered with our roofing shingle manufacturers to provide discounted roof replacements for those that need this service during the current crisis – right now through May 31, 2020. First, we are dropping research has found that an animal’s sexual orientation can be altered by our pricing lower than ever in our history to help out homeowners that feel financially uncertain during these times. Second, Dr. Roof and our shingle manufacturers want to do everything we can to keep workers employed during these times. It helps us all if workers are able to keep their jobs during this crisis.

​In general, the expected pattern will promote a warmer than normal western half of the U.S. with some of those above normal readings bleeding into the northern Plains and the Great Lakes. Colder than average conditions will be expected from Texas through the Southeast U.S. and into the mid-Atlantic & southern New England. As for snowfall, look for above normal snow in the Intermountain West, average snow across the Great Lakes, and above normal snowfall from eastern PA and NJ northward into New England & Maine due to a storm track along the coast.

While most kids grow out of it by the time, they reach their teenage years, sleepwalking is not uncommon for younger children. If you catch your child in the middle of a late-night walk, you shouldn’t wake them. If it’s a recurring issue, be sure to clear out obstacles in their room and have safety gates set up in front of hazards such as stairways. By making yourself aware of some of the most common causes of insomnia in children, you can take the steps necessary to ensure they get the sleep they need to thrive. This customer selected the Hardie Color Plus Cedarmill Siding in Khaki Brown.

Fog, drizzle, and showers return to parts of eastern Nebraska and southwest Iowa today through 1pm Saturday. Northeast Nebraska could stay dry with light rainfall amounts farther south from trace-0.25″. Cooler highs in the 60’s and 70’s through the weekend. This region will be characterized by temperatures below average and precipitation above average.

This installment explores the main challenges facing spoken-word commercial radio’s largest and most influential format as we move into the highly unpredictable third decade of 21st century. While it does NOT guarantee anything I must say it’s really the strongest multi-model agreement on a possible winter low forming that I’ve seen in many years. In 1987, Kirk Mellish became Atlanta’s—and the nation’s—first radio-only, full-time meteorologist on WSB Radio on AM 750.

But in regards to the US winter this represents a suppressed storm track along the Eastern Seaboard. And El Niño does tend to focus the greatest snow threat, at least relative to normal, in the Mid-Atlantic. If you are a winter weather enthusiast especially a snow lover living in the Mid-Atlantic this ECMWF winter forecast should have you very excited. More specifically for Northeast U.S., the first half of December will be chilly, but the coldest period will be from the end of January through February and into early March. Even though this seems like a long duration, it won’t be cold straight through winter.