Today’s cable production process is already characterized by an increasing level of automation. SIKORA measuring devices continuously measure and transmit measuring values as well as information on the device status via Industry 4.0 interfaces. These interfaces, such as OPC UA, control information going to the plant control center without the need for personnel support.

In addition to the display and documentation of measured data, the ECOCONTROL series offers its own automatic control with the SET POINT module. Here, the processor system automatically modifies the haul-off speed or the extruder speed to control to the nominal value of the wall thickness. The ECOCONTROL models thus enable a higher degree of automation and guarantee maximum process reliability with increased productivity and simultaneous compliance with the given specifications.

The flow control and optimization system based on industrial tomography is presented in this publication. Multiphase flow measurement technologies are still being built and improved. There is a clear tendency in the industry to implement more optimally related stress is the body’s automatic physical reaction to real or imagined forces. functions with an emphasis on active inspection and monitoring. The boundary element method and the level set method can be used in order to solve the inverse problem for electric field. In this approach the adjoint equation arises in each iteration step.

Instead, device maintenance and other service calls can now be planned in advance, independent of location, and carried out at optimized times. The book presents a collection of practical applications of image processing and analysis. Different vision systems are more often used among others in the automotive industry, pharmacy, military and police equipment, automated production and measurement systems. In each of these fields of technology, digital image processing and analysis module is…

This feeling is familiar to every Production Manager, Process Engineer and Technologist. With Galerkin Boundary Element Method is possible to produce the symmetric coefficients matrix. Generally the Galerkin boundary integral equations lead to the algebraic system where known and unknown boundary values are defined by one or two dimensional integrals. Interested in seeing how our automation and AI can enhance your sourcing practices? Move Forward with the world’s fastest growing strategic sourcing platform and transform your sourcing process today.

The main advantage of BEM and LSM is the fact that both methods are the boundary… One of the advantages of the Boundary Element Method is its ability to handle open boundary problems. A good example is its application for early detection or screening examination of breast cancer using Optical Tomography.

Several versions of such models are considered, among them a model containing infinite elements. The problem of the image reconstruction in Electrical Impedance Tomography is a highly ill-posed inverse problem. There are mainly two categories of image reconstruction algorithms, the direct algorithm and the iterative algorithm which was used in this publication. The representation of the shape of the boundary and its evolution during an i… This paper presents the applications of the Level Set function for identifica… In this paper, the new version of imaging algorithm for Ultrasound Transmission Tomography was presented.

The system combines X-ray technology with a dual or triple axis optical system and can detect impurities as small as 50 µm either on or inside the pellet. Contaminated pellets are automatically ejected from the pellet stream by means of compressed air. Another popular SIKORA system is the X-RAY 8000 ADVANCED for CV lines. This device stands out with its quick and efficient measurement of the diameter, ovality, wall thickness and eccentricity during manufacturing of HV and EHV cables.

Thus, he can draw conclusions on the device status and possible error causes at an early stage and react to them – for example, if a malfunction message occurs due to a dirty LASER gauge head. In addition, the user receives recommendations regarding device maintenance, for example, when wearing components should be replaced as a preventive measure. Lengthy service calls with costly error diagnosis caused by the sudden failure of a measuring device are a thing of the past.