Besatti had been made redundant from his job as a journalist on a local newspaper in Marseille, when he travelled to Paris to attend the Eagles of Death Metal concert with his best friend, Jean-François. Determined not to miss a second of the concert, they had avoided the bar and were standing centre-stage when three gunmen armed with Kalashnikovs stormed the Bataclan. “It had been a lovely day, but I just kept thinking something was going to happen. Then there was a surreal moment of seeing the lights of a van coming along the pavement and zigzagging so as to hit people. “These are shocking figures and suggest a serious overhaul of consular assistance is required,” the report states.

In 2011, record floods impacted the Midwest, whereas in 2010 wildfires destroyed forests and threatened communities. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy struck areas in 11 states and in 2014, nearly every county in California is experiencing an extreme drought. East Baton Rouge Parish and 19 other Parishes in Louisiana experienced 30in. Of rain in a 48-hour period from a no-name storm that resulted in thousands of people being evacuated or rescued and over 70,000 homes damaged or destroyed.

A year later, survivors of the Dec. 2 terrorist attack are struggling to get surgeries, physical therapy, anti-depressants and other treatment to help them recover — as well with fears the county will try to push them out the door for not recovering fast enough. Since the terrorist attacks occurred at super primetime, all celebrity news anchors would have interrupted their nightly inquisitions. Within minutes, hundreds of OB vans would have set off in the same direction for the blast sites. Eager anchors — many had abandoned the studio — and camerapersons would have rushed out for a “bloody” good look at the crime scene. It seemed that every American knew someone or of someone who perished in the attacks, and surely, every citizen felt the economic impact in the form of lost jobs, lost business, and an immediate reduction in the value of college savings and retirement accounts.

The 23-year-old French-American horse rider, who is set to compete at the Paralympics in Tokyo as a dressage equestrian later this month, is the most critically injured survivor of the attack today. De Lavalette was just 17 years old at the time and was on her way to visit her parents in Florida to help set up their new house, but she never made it past the checkpoint. Afterwards he was revealed to have saved a pregnant woman hanging from a window in a desperate attempt to escape the terrorists.

“It was something my parents and my family and my friends told me in the hospital, that anything is possible, your here for a reason, and you survived … It kept me from crying every day, and it worked.” De Lavalette grew up playing soccer and doing track in addition to horse riding, but playing those two sports were gone from her life at that point. But horse riding was still possible for de Lavalette, and a short and simple phrase that was echoed by her family members while she was on her hospital bed fueled her return to the sport. Going up and down, and days that I was not able to move, and some days where I was like ‘let’s get this, I’m good to go.’ But a lot of it was difficult to deal with.” It was not only a moment in which she saved her own life, but it was also her springboard for the recovery process it would take to overcome the life-changing event, return to her sport, and make a run to Tokyo this year.

Members of your PFA response team are giving survivor’s water, food, and blankets.

In the aftermath of the deadly attack, Quebec and Canadian politicians, community groups and faith leaders condemned the violence, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calling it a “terrorist attack on Muslims in a centre of worship and refuge”. The threat portfolio under the area of terrorism has only expanded, thereby presenting the nation with a whole new set of hazards about which to worry (e.g., biological, chemical, radiological, and nuclear weapons). This is a list of terrorist incidents which took place in 2019, including attacks by violent non-state actors for political motives.

For his part, Ech-Chahedy, who works as a physical education teacher and taekwondo instructor, urged people not to paint all Quebecers with a single brush because of the attack. “Sometimes we’re hit by the types of tragedies that we lived through in Quebec City … and we can draw lessons from it and move forward does dr pepper make your vag smell to improve the situation Muslims are living in, both in Quebec and Canada,” he said. “A source of inspiration is the strength of the survivors, the six women and 17 children who lost husbands and fathers in the space of a few terrifying seconds a year ago,” spokesperson Reyhana Patel said in a statement.