It’s almost common sense that you can join a thieves guild after stealing a shitload of stuff. The khajiit in the Dark Brotherhood, Ongar the World-Weary, even Armand Christophe all sell lockpicks. So if your making a thief character chances are just go back to the guy who gave you the mission and he’ll sell you lockpicks… But I’ve only been playing for a few hours and I was low… I’ve bumped into too many chests and didn’t have any lock picks.

It requires both players’ skill AND the character’s skill in order to be good at it. Not many game, especially RPGs, have implemented such feature. There is an NPC outside the walls of the Imperial City that sold me some lockpicks. Does anybody granblue casino guide know who in the thieves guild sells picks after you complete the first mission? I don’t want to do the freelance stuff yet, and that guy won’t sell me anymore picks. I read about that Shady Sam guy, but I’ve already tapped him out too I think.

It started with Oblivion, stuck on mods, then wanting to play Morrowind, stuck on mods, then wanting to do a new PC build, stuck on component choice. I’m a level 22 and still can’t find the skeleton key. There’s a man in a robe and hood along the outside wall of the Imperial City that sells them too. You can buy them from any of the Thieves guild fences, The kitty in the DB Sanctuary, or shady Sam. You can buy 100 Lockpicks from your fence if you’re in the Thieves guild. So to me, by creating the ring using console I can make better use of it before it becomes obsolete.

That’s the part I admire the most about this feature. Because it’s always you to be blamed, not another RNG that has manipulated the mankind since the day of playing games with dices. For some reason lockpicks aren’t sellable in traders, so farm them from furniture or buy them from npc vendors.

Level caps Oblivion – 50; can be higher depending on skill levels, class, and birthsign. Luck governs no skills directly, nor does it boost your skills over 100. However, it affects just about everything in the game. A luck value of 50 means that nothing goes for you or against you. You’re browsing GameFAQs Q&A as a guest.

It involves a mini-game where the player must line up the pins of the lock to open it. Effectiveness at using a lockpick is governed by the character’s Security level. You can try spam auto attempt with lots of lockpicks, or Skeleton Key like how the most people do. Visit Nocturnal’s Shrine and start her quest to gain Skeleton Key. Is it really that much of a spoiler to find out who sells lockpicks or that you can join the thieves guild by stealing stuff?