Our student teacher supervisors are key to the district’s and the student teachers’ success. Foreign Language Foreign Language is a K-12 program which offers the languages of Spanish, French, German, and Latin. Current K-4 programs are available in French, German, and Spanish. At the high school level, five or more levels of centrosomes are sites where protein dimers assemble into each language are offered. Students may earn up to 14 hours of college credit in dual credit courses or by receiving an acceptable score on the College Board Advanced Placement Tests. Advancement Opportunities Teachers interested in leadership roles have the opportunity to participate in one of our leadership academies.

Teacher Salaries In 2005, Aldine teachers enjoyed a 3% pay increase. First-year teachers in Aldine ISD enjoy one of the highest salaries in Texas (top 1%), and with critical need stipends, many enjoy an even higher starting salary. Over the past ten years, our base salary for a starting teacher has increased more than 61%.

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Until recently, Mr. Johnson was Area Superintendent for the Eisenhower vertical. Student Teacher Seminars Seminars All district student teachers meet weekly for Student Teacher Seminars. At this after school function, the student teachers gather and have dinner before the start of the seminar. The director of human resources who serves as the student teacher program coordinator and University Partnership liaison oversees the seminars. He or she also conducts general announcements prior to the presentation of a guest speaker. At each Student Teacher Seminar, a guest speaker presents staff development on a topic of interest.

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1873 Railroad is placed through Greens and name changed to Prairie Switch. Ferris W. Colby begins promoting Aldine’s land and two years later Aldine sees influx of settlers. 1932 The first school board is formed with Thomas Francis as board president. 1935 Consolidation of Common District #29 into Aldine Independent School District. 1954 Unhappy residents form a tax-cutting movement (Aldine Taxpayer’s Association) in protest of a property re-evaluation. 1956 Aldine Taxpayer’s Association gains temporary control of the school board.

Assisting You You are about to undertake one of the most vital and challenging careers in our society. You have the opportunity to affect a child’s life and make an impact that will last a lifetime. The first year of teaching is difficult – regardless of which district you select.