Follow the detailed steps below to remove malfunction apps. If that did not work, press/ hold the volume up button and slightly tap on the power button to check if that boots the phone into recovery mode. Also, some manufacturers have included this screen as a security measure to stop the user from accidentally factory resetting his phone. Here, the user has to use some pre-defined key combinations to get out of this screen. Keep in mind that a hardware issue may also cause the No Command screen on Android. We aren’t going to go through every Android phone here, but you can find this information for your device with a quick Google search.

Afterward, use the “Reboot Device” option in this list to restart the phone and see if no command error is fixed or not. If you cannot locate any command to execute a message, you might encounter the problem from improper resetting your Android devices. Another reason may be you received an error that indicated your device’s application has stopped working. More often than not, this issue occurs due to a failed resetting of the device. The other reasons why this happens include a failed firmware update or a software problem.

If you can’t reset from Settings or you can’t use your screen, try a reset with your phone’s buttons. Grabbed a brand new pixel 3 and loved forest of the priest 4th job it. Used it normally and was listening to Iheart radio. The phone froze and wouldn’t allow me to swipe in to password to open the phone…

Take the wipe cache partition or factory reset option. Do note that wiping the cache partition is the easier method and it will not wipe your data. If your Google Pixel screen went black instantly, you can enter into the Safe Mode to see if the issue is resulting from an installed incompatible application. Safe mode enables you to turn on your android phone with third-party applications which have previously been disabled.

This screen does not inform anything and simply says No command. The Android No Command is a very troublesome screen that sometimes gets displayed when you try to reset an Android device. Summary – Many Android users are facing the No Command error in Recovery Mode on their Android devices.

A firmware upgrade is basically like an android system update. Choose the available update, install it manually by pressing the power key. Use the volume keys to navigate through the options the phone listed for you.

If you see an exclamation point and the words No Command, hold the Power button and press Volume Up button, then release both. When you see the triangle with an exclamation point and Fastboot, release both buttons. Learn how to master reset the Google Pixel 3 XL using the menu or hardware keys. You must first backup your data stored in your phone to just avoid data loss. You can also fix no command error by flashing a custom ROM. Just like stock ROM flashing a custom ROM can help you to customize your device entirely.

The process will take a few minutes, but once it is done, set up your device as though it just came out of the box. There is an issue with an application on your Google Pixel. But don’t worry, more often than not, this issue occurs when you enter Recovery Mode the wrong way and this can be fixed easily. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. If you have found this article useful and helpful, then please do not forget to share it.