And on the way down, you’ll keep losing each other until it all falls apart. Not only it’s okay, but it’s completely normal that you feel that way when faced with such behavior. Ignoring their words and living your life like nothing ever happened can only damage your relationship on a deeper level. Or could it actually be that your partner no longer cares about you.

Once your partner is committed to working on the relationship, ensure that he or she has heard your complaints and sees your perspective, and is aware of the hurt that they have caused. Remember to check in on yourself to measure the toll these words are having on you. You have to take care of yourself first before anything else, your peace of mind is paramount.

When your first reaction is physical or emotional, you’re essentially feeding the fire by making it personal. You’re not just disagreeing with your spouse, you’re arguing with him or her. People can say terrible, hurtful things in the heat of the moment and it’s easy to get angry and hit back at them.

Now, keep in mind that this doesn’t ensure that an argument won’t occur but decreases its likelihood. Those outbursts made in the past can still have reserves of anger and blame evertale tier list towards you or someone else. As a human being, your words indicate your emotions, and each emotion is rooted in a particular event or season that we may be in at this time.

Your husband or wife is someone you love dearly, your best friend, but sometimes it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. If you’re in a relationship with someone whose parents don’t approve of you, it is easy to shift the blame of every fight over to them. Saying hurtful things to someone you love erodes the relationship by affecting their mental health and reducing the trust they had in you.

But the thing is that this all happens afterward, once the emotions cool off and none of you are furious about what just happened. However, it’s that instant reaction that can set the path for the rest of the argument. It’s the way you react when your spouse says hurtful things that matters the most. Resolving conflicts in a relationship takes a lot of patience.

All you can think of is how they made you feel miserable and hurt your feelings. When your spouse says hurtful things, it can start to feel like you can’t trust anyone. Their words act like evidence of betrayal and at that point, it seems like you’re alone in this world.

Instead, you simply want to understand the other side of the story as well. So, avoid involving them and resolve your issues in private, without getting your children in the middle of this mess. You need to figure it out on your own, without using your kids as judges or pawns. That’s why you should stop taking them close to your heart and instead realize that they carry no value at all. Keep that in mind and stop thinking about them all the time. So, you shouldn’t put yourself down because of something your spouse has said.

Also, ask him what happened lately that made him change his behavior and became so uncaring. As the marriage matures, spouses often forget how saying hurtful things can damage their closeness. Some tend to start taking things for granted when they aren’t afraid to lose them.

Therefore, reach out to a therapist, buy a book or two, or search the internet, but do make sure that you both undergo a cleanup of your communication styles. You should learn how to be assertive at all times, to avoid being unfair and hurtful to each other. In other words, you and your husband are merely two humans very much inclined and capable of saying hurtful things in a relationship. As such, it is inevitable to hit a bump here and there and to say something upsetting from time to time.