Once you become famous, you will see a new tab in the Activities list for Fame Activities. You need to maintain health and happiness, and look at meters at 100% then, they will decrease your age. Since Fame has you can press ____ to decrease the indent level. been added, you will have to put extra effort into maintaining and growing your Fame even after becoming famous and getting the new game. If you want to be a famous model, start your career as a foot model.

That’s how it is in real life, and that’s also how it is in BitLife — regardless if you’re a big social media star or a social media nobody, posting political stuff is a shortcut to losing followers quickly. The most obvious reasons for losing followers in BitLife are two-fold. Just like any other activity, doing something too much in a given age has diminishing returns. Just as going to the Gym a bunch won’t help increase your stats, posting on social media too much can be harmful. If you post more than 6-10 times in a year, there’s a chance you will start to lose followers. You will know this will start to happen as your regular posts no longer gain you any new followers.

It seems once you start posting a certain type of content consistently, you are pretty much locked into it. If you try to post radically different stuff on that social media channel, you will usually lose followers. For example, if you choose to do gaming on YouTube, you can likely also do Livestreams. Probably, you know Monetization is only the feature that distinguishes YouTube from other social media platforms. It gives opportunity to everyone to make money from their created videos available on YouTube. The said feature is really helpful for those people who are already famous, not only that, it is great for new people too who know how to make interesting and informative videos.

Your organic intake can stay roughly the same and not improve until the things you share are more interesting to people. Generally, Random Videos, which are available on all networks except YouTube, are a good way to randomly luck out and have a video go viral. These would feature your character, well, doing random things like shouting, sneezing, speaking in different accents, or even creating Play-Doh sculptures. However, last week saw another much-in-demand new update make its way to players, and that’s the Social Media Update, aka BitLife version 1.37. If you haven’t downloaded BitLife, the iOS and Android life simulator from Candywriter, then it’s probably time for you to do so right now. Indeed, there are more ways than ever for you to create a Bitizen and live your best life in the game’s parameters.

Once you will get more than 100,000 of them, you will be able to start some activities of a famous person, like writing a book, pose for a magazine, etc. Social media has become an important part of life in both Bitlife and reality. So, there is nothing wrong if you wish to become famous on social media, as being an influencer can be fun. You will attract a lot of attention from different people, but you will also have to face some hindrances in your way, like haters.