Behind the garage is the garden is a mound of dirt, pickaxe it to uncover the Blue Coin. Completing quests will earn players XP, with Epic quests handing out 22,000 XP and the Legendary quest offering a massive 55,000 XP. In Fortnite Week 5, players need to dig up a Blue Coin which is buried at the Retail Row POI. Continue scrolling to find the exact locations of the Blue Coin. Retail Row is one of the more crowded landmarks on the map, especially since it’s one of the points of interest that’s been heavily hit by snow. Players who want to enjoy the winter weather inFortnitewill surely be making their way to Retail Row, increasing the level of competition in the area.

Make sure that you are carrying a pickaxe to dig up the spot and complete the challenge. Once you have successfully completed the challenge, you will be rewarded with 20,000 XP. The best part about these challenges is that the model that best shows how software components are distributed across hardware components is the they offer a lot of XP upon completion in Fortnite. They have saved people from grinding XP like there was no tomorrow and can help players fly through the battle pass in no time, provided they survive long enough.

Needless to say, your first mission is to set the map marker to Retail Row, which is located in the south-east section of the map. The latest wave of Fortnite challenges reward players with additional XP to level up the Battle Pass. There’s also a legendary challenge where players need to deal damage to AI-controlled guards. Completing all the stages grants a massive chunk of XP to players in Fortnite.

Each weekly quest is a must to complete for players looking to max out the battle pass. As for where you’ll exactly find the buried blue coin at Retail Row, you’ll find it at a Fortnite house which is painted yellow. But, away from the emphasis on gnomes, below you’ll discover where to find and how to dig up the buried blue coin in Fortnite at Retail Row.

Specifically, you’re looking for a suspicious looking dirt mound near one of the houses in Retail Row. Just hit the mound a couple of times with your harvesting tool to reveal the blue XP coin and complete the challenge. It’s the fifth week intoFortnite‘s Chapter 2 Season 5, which means there are some new challenges to complete. In this guide, we’ll show you the exact location of the blue coin and how to collect it with ease. Here’s where to find the buried blue coin at Retail Row in Fortnite. This season’s battle pass is filled with fantastic cosmetics like Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian.

Probably, this Fortnite challenge foregrounds the reappearance of XP Coins in the upcoming weeks. For Right now, this Fortnite Blue Coin is the only one that can be discovered on Fortnite’s map. The players of Fortnite are going to need to pursue other avenues for creating Battle Pass progress. You have to know that the buried Fortnite Blue Coin for this challenge is located in the yard of the house at the southwest corner of Retail Row. This residence’s yellow paint job creates discovering it quite easy. The players who are working on the challenge have to direct their attention to the small mound on the ground near the basketball hoop.