Iain originally joined Future in 2012 to write guides for CVG, PSM3, and Xbox World, before moving on to join GamesRadar in 2013 as Guides Editor. His words have also appeared in OPM, OXM, PC Gamer, GamesMaster, and SFX. Leaked abilities & more A new Apex Legend is set to join the Games in Season 13, and many believe it could be a…Apex Legends 1 hour ago When does Apex Legends Season 13 start? With Apex Legends Season 13 rapidly approaching, here’s everything we know so far about what Respawn has planned. The Fortnite developers unveiled the Chapter 3, Season 3 cinematic intro during the State of Unreal showcase on April 5, 2022.

Where to collect Cat Food in Fortnite is a question that many are asking since the new challenges came out. It’s possible that Darth Vader might arrive as part of the next season’s Battle Pass, or Epic Games could make his skin available via the in-game store. Hopefully, we’ll get more concrete information about this soon. This isn’t too difficult to believe, as Epic Games have brought plenty of Star Wars content to the battle royale before. The Mandalorian headlined the Season 5 Battle Pass, and characters like Rey also joined Fortnite. A Darth Vader skin is seemingly on its way to Fortnite, and here’s everything we know about its arrival to the battle royale.

We show you where to go in either Craggy Cliffs or Catty Corner to find this old-school can of cat food. In order to complete the quest, a player has to collect two cartons of cat food from cat food locations in fortnite and will be rewarded with 30,000XP. In the final Legendary Quest for Fortnite Season 7 Week 3, you’ll need to collect cat food. Here are the cat foot locations you’ll need to complete this quest. We’re now in week 3 of Fortniteseason 7, and of course, it comes with lots of challenges for you to complete.

In order to complete the quest, a player has to collect two cartons of cat food and will be rewarded with 30,000XP. Read along and find out how to collect cat food in Fortnite. Fortnite’s Week 3 Legendary Quest is live, and that means players are working through a multi-step adventure to get tons of XP for their Season 7 Battle Pass.

Joey Carr is a full-time writer for multiple esports and gaming websites. He has 6+ years of experience covering esports and traditional sporting events, including DreamHack Atlanta, Call of Duty Championships 2017, and Super Bowl 53. The two POIs that players can visit are Craggy Cliffs or Catty Corner. As one would expect, Catty Corner seems like the most natural spot for players to look. However, Craggy Cliffs is also home to the delectable feline dish. Although the main goal in Fortnite Battle Royale is to be the last player standing, the game has enough challenges to tackle that you might forget about the primary fight.

He started writing about video games when he was a high-school student. He’s probably one of those rare Rainbow Six Siege fans that have the game installed and updated on every available platform. Completing all the six quests will grant players 150K XP, which is essential for leveling up and unlocking new Battle Pass blocks to get new cosmetic items. Keep in mind that these quests should be completed by the end of the week or you will miss the chance to get the XP points out of them. Remember, brand new Legendary quests go live every Wednesday in Season 7. If you’re waiting for this week’s Epic challenges, they arrive a day later on Thursdays.

Once you’ve collected both batches of cat food, you should get a notification that you’ve completed the Quest, earning yourself 30,000 XP as a reward in Fortnite. The other batch of cat food can be found nearby, up against another container the same way as the first batch of custom intro maker cat food at Dirty Docks. Essentially, if you want to collect both batches of cat food at Dirty Docks, stay in the container area at the southern edge. After we collected this batch of cat food, we went behind NOMS store and approached the truck with the open back trailer.