Ready yourself for the worst and continue your pursuit. ※The Aetherochemical Research Facility can be accessed via the Duty Finder. Initially, Lahabrea will be untargetable and teleports around casting End of Days from the sidelines, while the party engages Igeyorhm. Sometimes, they do a combination attack wherein they cast Blizzard Sphere, followed by Fire Spheres. The Blizzard Spheres will bind any caught player in place, leaving them unable to evade the Fire Sphere . The second boss of the Aetherochemical Research Facility is Harmachis.

Its a lvl 60 4-man dungeon, so the leveling one is right out, the Main Story one is 8-man, and it isn’t a trial. And they need it in one of them otherwise newbies would have a lot less people to run it with. And yes you might not get newbies in yours, it happens. Players will need to complete “The Weeping City” quest. Players will need to be level 60 and can accept this quest from Stacia at the Sea of Clouds.

A fitting reward for your efforts, no doubt, but one that you wish Haurchefant, Ysayle, and Estinien could have seen… Speak with Alphinaud at Fortemps Manor and hear his thoughts on this momentous occasion. Realizing the battle what does grwm mean is lost, Igeyorhm attempts to flee, but before she can make good her escape, you destroy her with a blade of Light forged from the Eye’s remaining aether. Alas, you are left without the means to strike down Lahabrea.

I.e. what did that red eye do or what was that circle with the inward pointing arrows. Yes I don’t look up any guides prior to a fight I run with friends and we explain mechanics/figure them out over discord. Not necessarily on the healer to keep the tank alive. To be honest, healing that place now stresses me out because of how ridiculous it can be. Especially when those same bad tanks try to pull the entire dungeon without doing a damn thing to try to keep themselves alive, and/or ignore boss mechanics.

Just toxic people like you and obvious trolls. My g/f has been playing ff14 on and off since 1.0 launch, had 17+ characters taking each to cap as each roll/job. She has been on every data center as well, looking for a good fc willing to help her out, and being supportive. Not everyone can deal with someone with ASD. She learns by doing, and is more then willing to ask questions.