Measure the width of the handle base of your weed eater. Your weed eater will hang upside down from the base in the slot of this rack. With a tape measure, measure the width of the area where the handle meets your weed eater’s base. It is always better to observe your garage, do some necessary measuring, and find the place where you can hang your weed eater in a period while you don’t use it. Gas purchased at your local pump can go bad quickly if you leave it stored in the tank over winter. Many people believe that when you mix the gas and oil together in the tank, the oil prevents the gas from going bad.

An organized system for tools makes it simple to take on repairs and save time that can be better spent in other areas of your home. These wall hangers are adjustable, so it’s a quick process to move pieces around. Thanks to a single open shelf on top, cleaners, bins, tools, and more can fit together without feeling cluttered inside a cabinet.

As with any electronic device that uses a battery, if you leave the battery plugged in it will deteriorate over time. Will buying new lawn equipment out of season actually save you any money? We’ll examine the pros and cons of buying lawn tools in and out of season.

So let’s say goodbye to those chaotic arrangements of lawn chemicals, deflated bicycle tubes, and half-finished DIY projects. Metal shelf brackets seem inexpensive, but the cost can add up quickly if you’re installing several shelves. So why not make free brackets from plywood scraps?

Screw the oil plug back into place and reconnect the spark plug. Disconnect the spark plug to make sure it doesn’t accidentally turn on while you’re working on it. Once a season, give the exterior of your trimmer a good cleaning.

You can free up your floor space while also creating more storage space in your shed or garage. These garage shelves are super easy to make eso petty glyph of health by yourself and create much more storage for your garage space. Cut a slot into your plywood for the base of your weed eater to slide into.