Eventually, this led to the development of an ice cream cone tasting like a pretzel. More recently Mars, Incorporated manufactures M&M’s with a small spherical pretzel covered in milk chocolate and candy coated in all of the standard M&M’s colors, called “Pretzel M&M’s”. Soft pretzels are frequently sold in shopping malls, with notable chains including Auntie Anne’s and Pretzelmaker/Pretzel Time. The pretzel shape is used for a variety of sweet pastries made of different types of dough with a variety of toppings . Around Christmas, they can be made of soft gingerbread with chocolate coating.

In 2003, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell declared 26 April “National Pretzel Day” to acknowledge the importance of the pretzel to the state’s history and economy. Philly Pretzel Factory stores offer a free pretzel to each customer on this day. In the Rhineland region, sweet pretzels are made with pudding-filled loops . On Laetare Sunday in Luxembourg, the fourth Sunday in Lent, there is a festival called “Pretzel Sunday”. Boys give their girlfriends pretzels or cakes in pretzel form.

Just as Christians did in the Middle Ages, you might consider giving some of the pretzels away as gifts. Welcome to the Trial Version of our Premium Online Dictionary. For full Dictionary Feature use, register to our Premium Online Dictionary.

A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).

The festival includes a parade with over 100 bands, floats and clubs participating from the whole region, and 22,000 pretzels are thrown among the crowds. Another family of catenanes are called www ptice pretzelanes or bridged 2catenanes after their likeness to pretzels with a spacer linking the two macrocycles. There are four inversions; a pretzel loop, two inline twists and one corkscrew.