Kauai’s West Side is about an hour’s drove from Lihue, but it feels like it is an entirely different world. The island’s West Side is most known for natural wonders and historic towns with rich history mainly seen by the island’s locals. We know a lot has changed during the pandemic and it’s not easy for visitors to understand and follow everything. You can choose the airline you prefer, however the following airlines are preferred by SafeTravels Hawaii as they excel at improving your experience during this time. We have recognized it’s not easy for visitors to understand and follow the proper steps.

I suggest you read up on Leave No Trace principles and tips on how to be a responsible traveler before arriving on the island. The main towns on Kauai’s South Shore include Poipu, Old Koloa Town, Kalaheo, Lawai, and Omao. Kauai’s South Shore offers plenty of amenities within a leisurely stroll, especially around Poipu. Choose from some of these highly-rated Hawaii activities.

If you choose to stay on the South Side of Kauai, you will have pristine beaches and many amenities at your fingertips. Kauai’s East Side is sometimes referred to as the Royal Coconut Coast because of the abundance of coconut palms that grow in its resort areas. This area of Kauai is the most populated on the island and for a good reason! The Coconut Coast has many historic sites, picture-perfect beaches, and popular attractions.

There is also a large fruit stand, Banana Joe’s, located north of Kilauea on the mountain side of the highway. Are you planning a trip to Kauai and wondering if it’s worth staying in North Shore Kauai? It’s the first Hawaiian island I visited and I’ve been back more than 30 times.

YouTube is littered with videos of the powerful waves and currents hitting Queens Bath. If the locals won’t swim there (just ask around — the locals know), nor should you. Are you heading on a Maui vacation but aren’t sure how long to stay? Check out my detailed comparisons of Maui vs Kauai, Maui vs Oahu, and Maui vs Big Island. Families will appreciate the outdoor pools with cascading waterfalls, kids club, golf, shopping, oceanfront dining, and cultural activities. Your most in-depth encounters with the land in Hawaii will likely take place while hiking.

Are you visiting Maui soon and are looking for easy things to do? This idea of respecting nature in Hawaii has a lot of different layers. First, there are the simple acts, like picking up your trash and wearing reef-safe sunscreen. But then there are the more complex layers to respecting nature that people rarely think about when bringing up Hawaii travel. When researching Hawaii travel, you’ll likely find long lists of things to do that revolve around nature, U.S. history, and even food. But the beauty of Hawaiian culture is often overlooked, and that’s a shame.

Thanks to decreasing Covid numbers, Hawaii will be relaxing travel restrictions for domestic travelers to the islands. Here are the latest details on the changes that are happening soon. As a Hawaii resident I am more-or-less a pro bono travel agent.

This part of the island is ideal for families or people staying for a short period since there is something to do for everyone, and the attractions are relatively close to one another. Some of Hawaii’s longest, most beautiful & empty beaches are found here, and it happens to be the sunniest part of the island. Be sure to view all of our recommended Kauai Tours & Activities. It is popular with visitors who want a very scenic half-day hike. It can be semi-strenuous, however, as the trail does do a good bit of climbing and descending. Crossing the stream at Hanakapiai Beach can also be hazardous, but overall this is a good trail for visitors who want to see some of NaPali’s beautiful coastline on foot.

It’s almost as if you’ve stepped into a separate kingdom, and for many years Kauai was just that in relation to Hawaii. Kamehameha was able to conquer all the islands by force, except Kauai. Two separate campaigns to take the island ended in failure. In the end, it took diplomacy, a wtoe sports royal kidnapping, and an arranged marriage to bring Kauai into the kingdom of Hawaii. The word “city” might be an exaggeration for an island of 68,000 people, but here’s some information on the towns of Kaua`i. Are you heading on a Kauai vacation but aren’t sure how long to stay?