Cashew Nut Shell Liquid , also known ascashew shell oil, is contained in the fruit mesocarp. It is a mixture of 70% anacardic acid with 18% cardol, and 5% cardanol. CNSL is also used as a pesticide against termites in timber, and the bark gum is repellent to insects .

Also known as the Cashew apple or Marañón in Central America, Cashew fruit is considered to be an “accessory” or “false” fruit, which means it does not encase the seeds of the plant inside the flesh. The “true” fruit is the shell that contains the cashew seed attached to the end of the Cashew apple. Cashew fruit is often overshadowed in cultivation by the famous seed, mistakenly called a nut in the commercial market, and is discarded due to its highly perishable nature, often left on the ground as animal feed. In some countries such as Africa, Brazil, and India, there has been a resurgence in reducing food waste, and the fruit has become a secondary source of revenue by processing it into juice.

In India, sun-dried cashew bagasse partly replaced (50%) groundnut meal in a concentrate offered to Gir dairy cows, to supplement a forage-based diet, without modifying milk yield . The cashew tree is a multipurpose species, and cashew products have a wide range of uses. The kernel of the cashew nut, the pseudofruit and the leaves are edible. Almost all parts of the cashew tree are reported to have ethnomedicinal properties .

Dorsalis complex and have implications for fruit fly control programs in fields and horticultural trade. Cashew, Anacardium occidentale, is an evergreen tree in the family Anacardiaceae grown for its edible fruits . The cashew tree has a branching main trunk and characteristic domed crown.

These setbacks, however, will be addressed in another section of this paper. Despite the constraints, the industry has also expanded in terms of the range of agricultural commodities currently utilized, the variety of products being made and volume output. Today, most of the cottage operations are privately owned and operated by women, by men or jointly. Several Government and non-Government organizations became involved in assisting in the ethics need to be considered when ________ scientific research. establishment and development of small agri-business enterprises. The Institute of Applied Science and Technology provides services in research and development in the area of agriculture engineering and food science technology. The major institution for research and development in food processing in the region are the faculties of agriculture and engineering of UWI, IICA, the FLIT of SRC, CARIRI, IAST, and the PCLS of the OECS countries.

Specimens from Germany suggest the group may have spread via the North American land bridge when the climate was warm (Manchester et al., 2007a). Otaheite apple; Pear shaped fruit with red skin and white flesh. Typically, they contain a single large seed.