The mobility has to be paired with ranged attacks from the weapon passive of her exclusive to do so. And her normal attacks are getting blocked by the obstructions even one arrow is touched to another. Melee knight is filling any roles and will adapt for any stage need for equipping several weapons. His special ability is making him a formidable enemy against any kind of light hero. This hero is great for the events as he is usually granting bonuses in the event points. Rachel is a high DPS hero with the highest attacks and a crit chance.

These are the heroes that fit with any team other than the S tier. They are so reliable and holding the most excellent buffs to the game, and they will only be second to the S-tier heroes. Some of the phases will not face easier by these heroes than S tier ones, but they are also considered the best heroes on Guardian Tales. Currently, Kamael is the best healer in Guardian Tales and is the most OP character in the game.

The AI of Rue targets the backlines of the enemies when there is a taunt, and she will target the enemies continuously once this taunt is over. Rue is a great dogfighting hero to the arena because of her highest stats. There is excellent survivability with this hero due to the highest base defence, and it happens due to the damage reduction of 30% on Lynn. Whenever Lynn is not attacking, she is gaining more from her special abilities. Remember that Garam’s buff of the water-specific party benefits him only outside of mono water teams.

And the exclusive weapon skill is targeting the backlines of enemies to its range. When Eva us supporting, there is impressive chain compatibility has been given. Eva will be somewhat squishy two powerboats are about to cross paths. what should the boat on the starboard (right) do? and immobile when using sound waves, and there is a chain ability of hers based on proximity. This is the highest attack stat hero to the game as she deals with insane damage to the enemies.

But know that Lavi’s taunt is only single targeting and will not buffing the defence like any other tank. Karina is excellent for several team compositions because of her approving skills of survivability and the performance she holds. Karina has less hindering mobility when she is attacking than most of the ranged attackers. So it is tough to chase her whenever she is facing melee enemies. Akayuki got the highest base attacks as a melee hero and will own the greatest synergy from the universal buff of the party.