If you’ve never heard of the meat delivery service Good Ranchers, maybe you’ve seen them before. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, they traveled the country and set up in big box store parking lots to sell American steaks and other meats. At first glance I noticed the description of the burger patties written as “Chopped Steak” meaning they were made from higher quality cuts of beef than perhaps the usual chuck. No knocks against chuck, which I love, but certain cuts can provide different flavors for burgers. In the case of these chopped steak burgers, I found the meat taste very mild and clean.

Their products received the USDA Choice Beef grade. Good Ranchers business is a meat company that travels around the country and operates out of pop-up tents. Here’s what I thought about their products, the company’s benefits, shortfalls, what other users think about them, and how it compares to the competition. Let’s have a look at the different boxes they offer. What I found is that they sourced all their meat from the American heartland and do not believe in one-cut fits all way of doing business. You love staying on top of the latest trends, you love being the first to find out about exclusive deals, and you love experiencing the colorful side of life.

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He was pleasantly surprised as the meats exceeded his expectations. One thing to note, however, is that Good Ranchers only sell frozen meat. This doesn’t mean their steaks won’t have delicious flavor when grilled, but it does make you wonder how long they have been frozen. My first choice was a box of 20 steaks, completely frozen solid. The box contained two smaller boxes with 10 steaks each.

Shoppers can choose from boxes like the Ranchers Classic, including T-Bones, Bone-in New York Strips, filets, signature steak burgers, and more. Or they can go with the Better Than Organic Chicken, including 50 meals worth of pre-seasoned chicken breasts in lemon herb and thyme, chili lime, garlic pepper, and other varieties. There’s also an overflowing seafood box available full of in most spanish-speaking countries, married women legally rainbow trout, Atlantic salmon, Pacific snapper, and more, all ready to fill up 32 dinner plates. There’s really only one problem with this online butcher’s meats, and that’s the fact that they are so often sold out. But do yourself a favor and check back in on the brand from time to time, because this place offers some amazing meats at prices that are competitive in their context.

And as a born-and-raised American, I love this core value the Good Rancher holds. Plus, the quality of their meat is outstanding. In addition, every box you order helps the Good Rancher deliver meals to local families that are in need.

There are those who swear the filets they got were industry standard size, so you ended up with a good steak on your plate. Others complained the burger patties they got were way too thin and had an unsettling tendency to come apart. However, Moink Box lets you request specific items to customize your order. While Butcher Box allows you to select add-ons with any box, only the custom box allows you to choose specific cuts of meat. Moink Box is another similar service that provides curated boxes of ethically sourced meat.