If you are below level 6, do not even think about facing a Valkyrie, or you will be obliterated to cinders by these battle beasts in record time. While running across it, you’ll notice a light crystal. You can see full island after the Lake of Nine’s low water phase. Paddle to the northern side of Light Elf Outpost to find a beach where you can dock. Keep kiting the enemies across the perimeter of the outpost, leaping throughout and climbing up the ledges in loads of time.

Pristine Dust is in a Legendary Chest, to access you will have to blow up the red crystals using shock arrows. This will unlock path and also remove roots so that you can move on. Once you get to the Stone Falls, stop on the beach and from there climb the small highland and then keep following the path until you reach a chain which gets you to another highland. Climb it and on your left, you will see a wooden bridge, cross it and jump through the waterfall. From there follow the path and you will drop down on another small platform from where you can see the Legendary Chest sitting on a platform below you.

Oblivion StoneA stone that hungers for energy and absorbs it on contact. Used to upgrade Pommels with life-draining damage effects.Pristine Dust of the RealmMystic dust that pulses with mysteries forces. Found only at Stone Falls.Stone FallsPristine Ore of the RealmsA flawless stone containing a mixture of rare metals.

This is a troublesome battle if you happen to’ve arrived on the Light Elf Outpost as quickly because it turns into accessible. From the place you climbed up, bear proper onto the sunshine bridge, then face proper and break the ultimate seal within the distance. Once you’re on dry land, stroll ahead into the ruins and also you’ll be confronted by an ogre.

Once down there, you might notice a chest on your left with hacksilver, but before you can open it, you’ll have to deal with a Viken first. Thought you had been achieved with mild bridges and elves whenever you left Alfheim? They’re again with a vengeance on this small island within which structure can secrete a substance into the environment surrounding the body? the Lake of Nine that turns into accessible as soon as the water degree has dropped for the second time. After having all the three rare resources you can upgrade your armor to full power. For more similar guides and updates on the game, you can read our God of War Wiki guide.